How To Apply For Unemployment Insurance In Alabama

November 9th, 2013 | by RS
How To Apply For Unemployment Insurance In Alabama

When you are newly unemployed, it is important to begin a claim for unemployment benefits immediately. This will make the time without income much less, if you are deemed eligible. It is also important that all of the information you provide is absolutely correct and honest. Any incorrect information or misinformation can delay your approval process.

Where to Begin

If you have access to a computer, you can begin your application online. You will start by establishing a new UC claim. This will take you through the process of creating an account to obtain Alabama unemployment insurance. After this, your personal information is collected along with information regarding your most recent employer. It is a must that you give the right reason for the separation of employment as providing false information can result in the denial of your application.

Applying via phone is also an option. The same information is collected via phone; it is just a slightly longer process. If you are unable to apply via phone or internet, you can visit a local unemployment office for assistance.

How To Apply For Unemployment Insurance In Alabama

Waiting Period

There is a one-week waiting period on all new claims. This is the week that immediately follows your new unemployment and every applicant has this waiting period. During this time, you will receive communications with the unemployment office via US mail. It is important that you fill out this information entirely and return it quickly. Missing deadlines on returning items only slows down the process of starting your benefits if you are deemed eligible.

Filing Claims

Weekly claims can be filed one of two ways, either via phone or online. You must have this information turned in, using either method, by the cutoff time each week. If you fail to file your claim on time, you are likely to not receive benefits that week. A requirement to receive benefits is that you keep a log of every establishment you apply with. This question is asked when you file each claim. The benefits office can ask for these records, which are verified, at any time.

Request for an Extension

If you have not found employment and are nearing the end of your benefits period, you will receive information via US mail. This will help you to understand if you are eligible for an extension of benefits. Just like the initial process, you must be deemed eligible for this and it does take some time to be approved for an extension. An extension is only temporary; this period is determined by the state. Additional extensions via federal programs may be available as well.

The process for Alabama unemployment insurance does require a bit of patience. Along with patience, every item received via US mail must be treated with a sense of urgency. Failure to comply with the requests of the unemployment office can delay or stop your benefits entirely. Keep in mind that benefits are only a portion of your regular earnings; you will not receive the same amount that you were getting in a regular paycheck. Obtaining part time work is definitely an option, as well as seeking out temporary employment options.