How To Find A Perfect Business Logo Through Split Test

November 4th, 2015 | by Carol Smith
How To Find A Perfect Business Logo Through Split Test

Split test is the simple most strategy to get your desired logo at a very lucrative cost. You need to simply put up all the measures of your perfect logo and set up a split test as described here.

1-    Set Up Your Logo Measures

When you reach a custom logo designing company, they ask you several professional questions to prepare a client brief. Your customized logo is prepared according to the client brief. A client brief is nothing but an explanation of the measures of your logo. The process would become far easier for you if you prepare your logo brief earlier.

2-    Find A Logo Designer

There are several ways to find a professional designer providing custom logo designing services. First jump over to the famous Internet marketing and social forums to know that who is offering logo designing services. Then shortlist a few you like and get in touch with them to get a series of concepts designed by one of the best designers. You can also post a job on freelance websites or set up a logo designing competition. Logo designing contest is always a great deal to choose the best logo from hundreds of submissions. Basically you create a logo contest by offering a prize; designers submit their entries for that you can simply provide feedback to rate them until you chose a winner.

3-    Choose The best Logo

To find the best logo from hundreds of the submitted ones, you can prepare a list of your favorite logos and show them to 2 or more companies providing custom logo design services. Second technique is to ask your fans to vote the best logo. Despite you test your logos individually or in batches, you may also need to expose them to different audiences. Female with young children, for instance, may have a completely different response to the empty nesters.

4-    Set Up Split Test

Several Split test Setups are readily available for free on the internet. The process is same for all split test setups. Firstly, you need to duplicate the theme. Then, configure the theme split test. Finally, setup the Google Analytics and start searching the results. Now analyze the data results and assess the most worthy logo for you.


You can install the split test setup with your social networking site page, Word press blog or website as well. Assess the numbers of visits, time spent by the users and other related elements to select the most efficient logo for your brand.