How To Find The Best Contractors To Renovate Your Business Location

July 30th, 2018 | by Anica O
How To Find The Best Contractors To Renovate Your Business Location

You may be aware of the importance of hiring a licensed and bonded contractor to complete your commercial renovation project. However, the skills and abilities of contractors vary regardless of whether or not they are licensed and bonded. You understandably want to enjoy a smooth renovation process with amazing results from the effort. By focusing your attention on these factors, you can make a smart hiring decision and pave the way for a straightforward renovation experience.

Ask for Referrals

As a first step, consider reaching out to other business owners in your area for referrals. Pay attention to the reasons why your contacts enjoyed working with some contractors versus why they may be trying to steer you away from working with others. Dig deep to get as many details as possible so that you can form a well-rounded opinion.

Focus on Specialties

Remember that some contractors specialize in specific types of activities, and others may have a general purpose functionality. There may be benefits associated with working with a specialist, but this may dictate the need to hire multiple contractors who each specialize in different types of work or projects if your project has a large scope with various facets. Hiring a general contractor may be a convenient alternative because a general contractor may have great affiliations with reputable and experienced subcontractors.

Do a Phone Interview

Through a phone interview, you can gain a significant amount of valuable information. For example, you can determine how easy it is to reach different professionals and how knowledgeable or helpful they are. You may also focus on how service-oriented they appear to be. Remember that a commercial renovation is a major project that could take months to complete. You want to work with a contractor who is responsive, friendly and knowledgeable throughout this experience.

Compare Quotes

When you find several companies that you want to consider hiring, request written estimates. Most contractors such as commercial roofing services will ask to visit with you in person and to inspect the property so that they can prepare a realistic and detailed estimate for you. This in-person meeting can be an extension of the phone interview. Pay attention to how easily you communicate with the contractor and how well your thoughts and desires are conveyed and received.

You can see that there are many steps to take to make a smart hiring decision. By devoting time and effort in this step of the process, you can likely enjoy a more streamlined and productive experience.