How To Generate Leads That Actually Impact Business Growth

December 18th, 2017 | by Anica O
How To Generate Leads That Actually Impact Business Growth

This is the big week of the month. The company is gearing up for the big lead push, which starts with contact lists, telemarketers, and a lot of phones. Thousands of people are going to be contacted so that you can get leads for your merchandise. After about two weeks of constant calls, your team received about 250 leads. The sale staff is good enough to turn the leads into about 100 callbacks and the callbacks will turn into 25 sales. The results of the sales campaign are always the same results and your company spends thousands of dollars to get a few sales. Yet, there are some ways to get better results. Here are just some of those:

Manage with Flexibility

Management is the key to any company’s survival. Even though your management staff does not spend a lot of time creating leads, the team does set the pace for your entire company. Your management team has to be willing to try different things to generate leads. They have to be willing to discard the systems that don’t work and learn about new systems via the likes of educational workshops (such as those from The Rainmaker Institute) and stop using the systems that do work.

Seek a Return on Investment

The idea of throwing spaghetti on the wall and seeing what sticks is an old idea that is expensive. That worked for Don Draper but this a different business environment and you have to do things that are little more streamlined. Generating leads through social media, your company’s website, and referrals is a great low-cost way to get leads that are specific to your company and you have a better chance to sell to those types of leads, which will add to your bottom line.


Teamwork is vital for any business. The use of collaboration allows you to team up with others that are in the same industries. You can trade content for each other’s websites by writing different types of content. By working together, each company can reach out to customers that are looking for your products but may not have across your company by traditional methods.

Give a Call to Action

Customers will come to your website often if they like your product. The challenge is to get them to buy your product before they get off your site. The easiest way to solve this challenge is to give the customer a call to action. Give them a reason to order your product or to contact your sales representative. If they are already interested in your product or service, then they probably will be an easy sell.

There are many ways to generate leads but they can be expensive and time-consuming. With so many different tools at your fingertips, you can find different ways to generate leads that are inexpensive and more productive. Changing the way you get leads for your company can be difficult but by taking bold steps to change how your company does business, you will find that your results will make your company more profitable, and that why you got into the business.