How To Get Most Out Of Your Make Up? Helpful Tips That You Must Know!

September 2nd, 2015 | by Neha C
How To Get Most Out Of Your Make Up? Helpful Tips That You Must Know!

There is no better delight for a woman then getting the makeup right, and that’s what, if went wrong can drive any woman crazy, so, if you feel bad when the foundation isn’t applied correctly, then you surely aren’t the only one.

Let us look at some key tips that will help you to get the makeup done correctly

  1. Concealer: It is often a common mistake that many make by making eyelids as base, and that simply doesn’t work, it wreaks havoc on your eye makeup, so you certainly want to keep this in mind always!
  2. Powder: Using it sparingly isn’t the best way of doing things; in fact it is far away from it, use this smartly and you will have most of your makeup right. Always keep it a point to have focus on your T-zone with a little puffing everywhere else.
  1. Foundation: Apply it the right way; always make it a point to use fingers, than doing it by brush, because when you do it this way, you get most out of foundation.
  1. Blush: Although you would know about the right way of applying this one (unlike foundation), you are perhaps unaware about the ideal position. Well for that, you need to smile and blush it towards the upper part of the ear.
  1. Eyeliner: Quintessential for a pretty you! Ensure that you use a very high quality eyeliner, which gets you a stunning look, and go close to the mirror, if you have a small or medium glass, be sure that it explicitly displays your eyes, start from the inner corner and go onto the old on the outside of the eye.
  1. Mascara: Although it isn’t as important as say eyeliner or lipstick, but it is essential to do it right, because makeup is sum of everything, one common mistake that people do is that they tend to apply it more smoothly, rather put the makeup in zigzag motion, and yes, quick soft motions really don’t help when you really want to get everything covered.
  1. Eyebrow: A makeup is incomplete without eyebrow; and nothing compliments a perfect makeup better than an elegant eyebrow, ensure that they align well with your looks, and apply little (very little) powder on the upper portion of eyebrow.
  1. Lipstick: A woman’s delight, nothing is done until shades are right and lipstick matches the outfit and the theme. Although the color depends solely on the occasion, make sure that you do it right, and it aligns very well with the shape of your lips and doesn’t come out squeakily, always put a great attention to it, because it is one of the most essential parts of makeup.

While you can do it all by yourself, there are occasions when you need someone who is professionals and does it with great competence. And often, due to high demand, it is extremely difficult to find a good makeup artist. However there is a solution to it.

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