How to Minimize Productivity Loss When Relocating Your Business

February 21st, 2018 | by Anica O
How to Minimize Productivity Loss When Relocating Your Business

Moving your business location can put a lot of stress on your employees. This can affect their productivity, which in turn affects your bottom line. There are ways to avoid this, such as the four tips shown below. It’s important to make sure productivity stays up, or even gets better, when you move your business. Here is what you should consider.

Implement a Productivity App

Productivity apps are becoming more and more popular, especially has people are seeing how beneficial they are. Whether you are a work, home, or even the gym. A productivity app can help you stay on track and make the best out of your time no matter where you are. Popular productivity apps, like Slack and Trello are coming out with new features to make them even more useful. However, a to-do list app like can give reminders of tasks and can also be shared with multiple other accounts so your employees can work better together.

Offer Professional Training

Before the actual move, you can always bring in a professional workplace productivity consultant that can train your employees on how to be productive despite their environment. By being prepared with the proper training, your employees can bounce back from the shock of the move. Being better prepared for the dip in productivity they will move likely encounter will help them overcome it sooner, getting back on track.

Minimize Workplace Distractions

Much of the move will involve your employees preparing for it. You may need help transferring the phone system, or perhaps you are buying new furniture and need someone to help with the purchase and delivery. However, if you can keep the time away from their normal tasks as much as possible and let them focus on work, your employees will be much better prepared for the move because they’ve been focusing on their own work the whole time.

Use a Moving Company

It can be jarring to your employees if they are made to move all of their desk belongings, their computer and more over to the new location. If you use a moving company, like Affordable Moving Company, to relocate your business, you will be taking this stressor off your employees, allowing them to walk into a ready-to-work office so they can get back to a regular routine. The quicker this happens, the less impact their reduced productivity will have since they are able to bounce back quicker as well.

Whether you choose to use one of these tactics, such as using a moving company, it can help immensely with productivity when moving your business. You may even want to try two or more of these tactics to help even more. Make sure that whatever you choose to help the process along, your employees are on board.