How To Resolve 4 Things That Are Limiting Your Company’s Productivity

September 28th, 2017 | by Anica O
How To Resolve 4 Things That Are Limiting Your Company’s Productivity

Increasing competition, customer expectations, and rising costs have made the need for more efficient production higher than ever. Doing more with less is the only way to manage costs and optimize revenue. Some companies tend to increase production through expansion, but if inefficiency exists, that’s only expanding your problems to a wider scale. Here are four things you may be doing that limit your output.

Don’t Maintain Equipment

All equipment, from hand tools to expensive, sophisticated machinery, degrades over time. This is especially true in industrial settings where it gets a lot of hard use. Equipment that isn’t performing as it should impairs output, quality, worker safety, and increases waste. All of these have a negative effect on productivity. Every piece of equipment should be maintained on a strict schedule, and operator-identified issues should be investigated.

Use Outdated Technology

The best productivity comes through finding ways to automate tasks. Any step in the workflow that consumes too much time may have a technical solution. There is an endless variety of machinery and software emerging that might help. For instance, new chatbot software can free up a lot of time for customer service agents to better serve clients. Always look for the opportunity to invest in technologies that reduce any time-consuming task to push-button simplicity. You may even benefit by designing and patenting your own solution.

Allow Low Morale

Your employees are the most essential part of your production. Dissatisfied, disengaged employees don’t work as hard and deliver lower quality than happy employees. Some extra incentive and recognition are a good start, but there are multiple approaches to building morale. A cheerful atmosphere, training and advancement opportunities, and pleasant surroundings contribute to more positive feelings. More sunlight, a little greenery, and comfortable office chairs in cubicles and meeting places help both employees and visitors to relax and focus.

Tolerate Clutter

Busy workspaces quickly become cluttered. This can be papers strewn across desks, tools and equipment left spread across work tables or around the room, even debris and dust on the floor. These is a bad situation for productivity. There are constant delays in sorting through clutter looking for the right tool, and duplicated effort where there’s chaos or a lack of transparency. Every department should have a sense of organization and communication channels to minimize wasted time and movement, and managers should see that procedures are followed and work areas kept orderly.

Improving production requires that you analyze all your processes to see that personnel have effective leadership, organization, and tools. Better production means working smarter and making the right investments to empower your organization.