How To Save Money On A Corporate Move

December 7th, 2017 | by Anica O
How To Save Money On A Corporate Move

Relocating your entire operation to a new commercial space can enable growth and prosperity, but it can also be an expensive headache. You understandably want to take advantage of the benefits of a relocation while keeping expenses as low as possible. These thoughtful tips can help you to save money throughout your relocation effort.

Clear Away the Junk

If your facility or office is like most, you may have numerous stored away in various closets, drawers and more that your team no longer needs. It can cost you time and money to relocate these items to your new location. Ask each employee to do some spring cleaning around their work area. For larger items that have value, consider selling them for a profit rather than tossing them away.

Focus on the Layout of Your New Space

Your new commercial space likely has a different configuration than your current space. For example, some of your employees who may have a dedicated office with a large desk may need to relocate to a cubicle. New furnishings are needed for these plans. Pay attention to the layout of your new space, and carefully detail where each of your existing items will go. Eliminate any items that are no longer needed. After all, it will waste money relocating items that you plan to toss out later.

Make Charitable Donations

You do not necessarily have to toss unwanted items into the trash or pay someone to haul them away. You could donate these items to charity and get a substantial tax deduction. While the financial savings may not be immediate, your donation can result in tax savings on your next year’s tax return.

Get a Good Rate on Professional Moving Services

Many businesses will use corporate relocation or moving services rather than attempt to do the work on their own. Professional movers from a company like Wheaton World Wide Moving can help you to save time and effort, and they may be able to complete the entire project over one night or a weekend day to reduce downtime. Remember that downtime costs your company money. In this way, professional movers could actually save your company money.

When you approach your corporate relocation plans with a cost-saving strategy in mind, you may be able to cut costs without negative repercussions. Consider how you can implement each of these tips effectively with your own corporate moving plans to save a substantial amount of money.