How Videos Enhance Web Content and Reviews

December 5th, 2013 | by Jon H
How Videos Enhance Web Content and Reviews

Videos can be used to enhance live presentations, training materials, blog posts, product reviews, website content, social media posts, and so much more. Videos are often a key feature in online marketing campaigns, and they are a simple way to increase your online exposure and traffic to your online profiles. Clients and customers gain a stronger sense of who you are as a brand through videos. If you have not yet ventured into video marketing, take a look at its benefits below.

Videos Create a Focal Point

Videos create an instant focal point on a blog, website, or in any online review or marketing materials. Whether your clients are new or returning, when they see a box that links to a video, they can instantly identify where to go to learn more. Even if a video has essentially the same information as your written content, videos appeal to more of our senses, making content easier to retain.

How Videos Enhance Web Content and Reviews

Videos Make You Feel More Relatable

With more businesses creating a national and worldwide presence via the Internet, consumers want to feel as if they have a first-hand experience with the company they are doing business with, regardless of how far away they are. Adding a video allows you to demonstrate your products and speak directly to your consumers. They put a face, a name, and a voice to your brand and they give your customers a more substantial feel for your products and services.

Improves SEO

Improving your website’s page rank is directly related to increasing your traffic, and in turn increasing your online sales. Websites and content with embedded videos tend to rank significantly higher than websites and content with only written text. While it is still necessary to market your online videos, videos have a greater likelihood of going viral. They are easy to share with others, and videos can be linked back to multiple online entities.

Can Be Professionally Designed

For businesses that want to benefit from video marketing, it can feel intimidating if you don’t know where to begin. The good news is producing and directing videos is something that can be outsourced to video marketing experts. Videos can be made with multimedia features such as white board animation, graphics, photos, background music, and voiceover audios. The quality of online marketing videos has gone from self-directed webcam creations to micro commercials produced in high definition. Even though most marketing videos are 30 seconds or less, when done right they leave a lasting impression.

Videos Are Eternal

While most marketing campaign materials are only relevant for a single campaign, quarter, or year, marketing videos are eternal. Of course, you may remove videos of products and services you no longer offer, but you can easily keep your videos in your online archives to refer back to in years to come. Even when you choose to remove your videos from your online profiles, they may continue to live online on sites they have been passed along to.

Having a website and social media presence was once the standard, but now creating videos and micro commercials is what businesses need to do to stay competitive. If you have yet to delve into the world of video marketing, launch a minor video campaign and watch while you achieve major results.

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