How VPS Hosting Can Benefit Your Business

September 11th, 2013 | by Josephbker
How VPS Hosting Can Benefit Your Business

These days not many businesses lack a website of some kind and that’s been the case for years. In the past, hosting a site has been relatively simple and affordable thanks to shared servers that can host thousands of websites at one time. Although shared hosting is perfect for a static, low-traffic website, it leaves little room for growth. That’s bad news for any business that wants to grow, appeal to customers and outpace competitors. If you’ve outgrown your shared hosting service but don’t want to make the leap into dedicated hosting, a virtual private server, or VPS, may be right for you.

What is VPS Hosting?

How VPS Hosting Can Benefit Your BusinessA VPS is a blend of the best features offered from both shared and dedicated hosting. It’s quickly growing in popularity among startups due to its many benefits. Like shared hosting, VPS hosting uses a server that’s shared between accounts. However, what makes VPS different from shared hosting is that it features dedicated “sections” of the server that are partitioned specifically for individual clients. In other words, your site isn’t affected when other sites on the same server become flooded with traffic. Instead, you have an isolated area of the server all to yourself, but at a price you can afford.

Performance & Reliability

VPS hosting is a clear choice for business owners that want to emphasize reliability and performance on their sites. More people are online than ever before, and they expect lightning-fast page loads and reliability. Anything less could be costing you valuable web traffic and customer conversions. With VPS, you control your own virtual server. Because the activity of other websites doesn’t detract from your website’s resources, visitors to your pages will experience faster load times and access to your site 24 hours a day. Even during periods of unexpectedly high traffic, such as when a post or video goes viral, you can access additional RAM to support on-the-spot demands, preventing your server from overloading and your site from crashing.

Enjoying Greater Control

Hosting your website on a VPS opens up a variety of benefits not only for your site visitors, but for you as well. Shared hosting offers limited flexibility regarding the server environment, but VPS hosting allows you to select and modify your own server components. If your business needs to run customized software, implement maximum security or run a specific operating system, you’re free to do it on a VPS. But don’t let the luxury of greater control over your server create the illusion of an overly complicated setup and maintenance process. A VPS can still feature the same user-friendly control panels that facilitate easy maintenance and site management.

Making the Leap to VPS Hosting

A VPS is the standard in economical web hosting for businesses of all types and sizes. As your business grows, your hosting needs will too. VPS hosting will support your expanding demands for traffic and web application support without sacrificing site performance. Instead of waiting until your site can no longer sustain its limited resources, convert to a VPS now to prevent a hassle later.