Ignoring the Need of Laptop insurance is a Mistake

November 21st, 2013 | by RS
Ignoring the Need of Laptop insurance is a Mistake

If someone has recommended you to purchase insurance policy for laptop, then you must be thinking that you should buy it or not? If you are too rich to get a new laptop each month then you can forgot this option.

Common uses of laptops

Honestly, there is no such individual out there, who does not need laptop insurance. If you cannot afford to purchase a new laptop when your laptop is stolen or you cannot spend money again and again for getting the laptop repaired from potential damages then you need insurance.

Who does not own a laptop these days? Whether we talk about professionals, a common house wife, or student, all of them have a laptop to meet their various needs. This portable device has made lives of most of us way too easy. We surely cannot live without their use even for a single day. Paying the premium of the insurance each month will not be as costly as arranging money all of a sudden to take care of the damage of the laptop.

Cost of losing a laptop

A common laptop computer costs about £300-£400, a personal laptop can cost about £1,200 to £3,500, and a gaming laptop can cost about £3,000 to £10,000. These prices are not insignificant. If any of this laptop is lost, it means that the whole money is lost. No one can afford to purchase a new one all of a sudden. This makes it a compulsion for all the laptop owners to buy laptop insurance. This insurance will protect your laptop against accidental damage, theft, mechanical damage, and much more. When you are investing money for getting laptop insured then you are securing your investment in other words.

In today’s world, anything can happen to your laptop. You might lose it or someone might steal it. If the laptop is lost then not just your money will be lost but your important data will be lost too. Being portable, people carry these laptops almost all the time now. If you have a laptop in your bag and you are travelling then you might damage it during the journey. Damage will cost you money. Whether it is a minor damage or a major damage, you will need some extra money to get the laptop restored to its original position.  If you can’t live without your laptop then now it is the right time to buy laptop insurance. This would be the wisest thing you would ever do.

Insurance is all what you need

There have been such people out there too, who think that insurance is a bad idea. What if nothing happens to your gadget during the time span of your insurance? This means that you have wasted your money. Right? But honestly, this premium will make you have peace of mind that the money you have spent on purchasing the laptop is going to be safe.

Stats say that laptop is one of the highest stolen items. Every 53 seconds, a laptop computer out there gets stolen. Your laptop can also be one of the stolen laptops. Mostly students carry their laptops with them. Suppose you are sitting in a cafeteria and you forget your laptop there. Are you sure when you will come back to get it, it will be there?  Even if you are in some library, a bank, an office, or any other open area, your laptop is never safe. If the laptop is gone, your money is also gone.  Do not let this happen to yourself. The insurance will of course not bring back your laptop but it will save you from being without one. You will not have to spend money on purchasing a new laptop. The insurance company will provide you one. 


  Finding the best coverage from the best company

When you are buying laptop insurance, make this thing clear that the insurance company will not be responsible for the virus attacks, data loss, and similar other issues that may occur within the laptop. If your Windows is corrupted, the insurance company will not cover the price of fixing it. You will have to get it fixed yourself. However, if it is some physical damage or because of technical problem, your laptop breaks down then you can use the insurance to protect yourself from paying money on the repairs.

When you will be looking for an insurance company to get your laptop insured, then you will have to be really careful.  Although, there are lots of companies present out there that are offering laptop insurance yet you can’t just hire anyone. You will have to make sure that you go through the policy and the coverage options of the company as well. You also need to understand everything about the terms and conditions of the policy so that you could know how the insurance company can help you.

Companies like Protect Your Bubble are also offering laptop insurance. They are offering insurance from £2.49 per month against accidental damages, liquid damages, theft, and breakdowns. Even if you are overseas, your laptop’s insurance will be active there. That’s because such companies are offering worldwide insurance. You can rely on this insurance to protect your laptop.