Impressing Clients and Customers: 4 Ideas For Wowing Business Visitors

May 14th, 2014 | by Annette H
Impressing Clients and Customers: 4 Ideas For Wowing Business Visitors

A very important moment for any business is when a client or customer visits the office, storefront or facility. The visit can quickly form impressions that could help or harm the business. This is the reason why it is important to maintain an impressive workplace. Four ideas will help businesses to wow visitors.

Clearly Display Achievements

Any achievements of the business should be clearly displayed in the areas where clients and customers will spend time. This could mean hanging industry awards, community accolades or exceptional certifications on the walls. It might also mean highlighting previous notable projects or clients through framed images, three-dimensional models or complete multimedia exhibits. Clearly displaying the achievements of a business will impress visitors especially if they do not know the full history of the company.

Showcase the Brand and Company Culture

Something that can help to wow visitors is to engage each customer or client with the brand and company culture. This can be done by making sure receptionists or employees are trained to interact with visitors in a way that is consistent with the core message of the business. Signs of the company culture should be placed throughout visitor areas, offices or storefronts. This could include showing a strong commitment to recycling or highlighting community commitments. This will allow visitors feel connected to the business.

Offer Amenities in Lobbies, Meeting Rooms and Storefronts

Customers and clients will always be impressed when the business offers unexpected amenities. Lobbies could have current newspapers and free wireless Internet for clients or vendors who need to wait for appointments. Setting out free coffee for customers or clients is always appreciated. Businesses that want to be remembered can offer free snacks or food in conference rooms, lobbies or areas near registers. These amenities will leave a very positive impression on visitors.

Keep the Space Very Clean

Any visitor that comes into a business that is messy, cluttered and generally unclean is going to form a negative opinion right away. A messy business is perceived as representing disorganization, lax work ethics and unprofessionalism. It is important to keep the business very clean. Areas where customers or clients can enter should be cleaned every day or every few days as needed. There should be no visible clutter, dust or trash. A clean workplace will wow visitors to any business.   Businesses should take the time to explore the customer experience on occasion. Spending time in lobbies and conference rooms will help. Someone should walk through the areas where clients and customers walk regularly. This will make it possible to see areas that need to be cleaned, removed or improved to wow visitors.   Some article information credit to Grimebusters Ltd. who offer Edmonton carpet cleaning.