Injured At Work? How To Know If You Should Contact A Lawyer

June 20th, 2014 | by Annette H
Injured At Work? How To Know If You Should Contact A Lawyer

Most people are likely to be injured at work at least once in their lives. Every year, over 3 million people are hurt while working. Workers’ compensation insurance was designed to assist these injured workers.

What is Workers‘ Compensation Insurance?

Employers are required by law to purchase workers’ compensation insurance, but all policies are not alike. The type of coverage that is required varies from state to state. Coverage also varies depending on the type of work performed. For example, the coverage provided to construction workers will not be identical to coverage for office workers.

What is the Purpose of Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

The first reason for workers’ comp is to provide medical benefits to injured workers. Many employers also provide pay for recovering workers with a disability insurance policy working in conjunction with the workers’ comp policy.

The second reason for workers’ compensation insurance is to protect the employer from lawsuits.

Do I Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

People who received minor injuries may not need an attorney. However, the situation changes when there are serious injuries or death. Critical decisions must be made. If it is necessary to appeal a rejected claim, a lawyer is advisable.

The insurance adjuster works for the insurance company and wants to settle claims for as little as possible. A study conducted by the American College of Occupation and Environmental Medicine compared settlements received by workers who hired a lawyer to settlements given to those who handled everything themselves. Those workers with a lawyer received, on average, TWICE as much money. The reasons for this are simple: the lawyers were aware of all of the available benefits and were much better at negotiating with the insurance companies.

Most workers’ comp claims are handled within the system and not in civil court. However, in certain circumstances lawsuits are possible; if successful, settlements can be considerably greater than is possible under workers’ comp. It is generally necessary to prove that the employer either hurt the worker intentionally or had insufficient workers’ compensation insurance.

In summary, workers with serious work-related injuries who hire an attorney will normally receive larger settlements than those who handle it on their own. If it becomes necessary to appeal a rejected claim, negotiate a settlement at the appropriate time or determine if a civil suit is possible, hiring an experienced workers’ compensation attorney offers the best chance at a successful outcome. As an employer, avoiding these situations should be paramount from a financial standpoint. These injuries can be with avoided with help from places like Nu-Tech Fire and Safety as they specialize in workplace safety equipment. With the right equipment and policies in place you can make sure your employees are working safely and effectively.