Introducing Natural Design To Your Living Room

November 9th, 2015 | by Norbert C
Introducing Natural Design To Your Living Room

As interior design constantly changes, we are amazed at how much unconventionality plays a key role in this field. Coupled with ever growing environmental awareness, the latest trend seems to be the blending of interior and exterior design. Beginning with the introduction of indoor/outdoor furniture in houses, interior designers go one step further by using various other garden items. If you are intrigued by the attempt at incorporating nature into your home, stay with us to discover how to create a garden-like living room.


Adding plants in your living room is one of the easiest ways to liven up the atmosphere. Large, leafy plants in nature-inspired plant pots are usually placed in the corners of the room: next to the windows, the furniture, or the fireplace. An interesting alternative to this is putting large plants in front of the window in a summer period. Mini indoor gardens are becoming increasingly popular, as well. Growing an enormous tree in a massive glass aquarium in your living room is another quirky way to bring the garden into the house.

Decorative Items

Apart from large plants, moss and entire tress growing in your home, you can opt for smaller decorations such as having a plant in a rustic-like wooden crate, recycled wine bottles used as hanging containers for plants, or a centrepiece in the shape of a cocktail glass in which you can grow flowers.  Additionally, some of the nature-inspire décor also includes woods wallpapers, tree bookends, tree trunk coasters, vases filled with river rocks, flora embroidered or woven on cushions, or hanging a twisty branch on the wall as a wall art.

Introducing Natural Design To Your Living Room


As much as you should focus on decorative elements, you should take into consideration functionality, as well and this is when the furniture comes into the play. You can choose any type of indoor outdoor furniture, such as wicker, aluminium, or wrought iron furniture. However, it should be noted that you should pay special attention to matching the furniture with the rest of the room. If you are an interior design newbie, opt for elegant designer timber furniture, as it can complement any other element in the living room, say at Robert Plumb.


Dried moss does not require watering, which makes it perfect for greening your living room. For example, you can consider having a moss coffee table (moss is placed beneath the glass). On the other hand, moss is suitable for living walls, where an entire wall or a part of it is covered with dried moss. Sustainable interior design has prepared even more surprises: organic moss carpet.


If a moss carpet is not your thing, you will certainly love nature-themed carpets. First of all, you can look for a grass-like carpet instead of a moss one. On the other hand, carpets designed with the motives of leaves, flowers, trees, branches will brighten up any room. For more subtle alternatives, a regular carpet in earthly colours will do the trick, too.

Introducing Natural Design To Your Living Room

Lighting Fixtures

When it comes to lighting fixtures, there are two options: you can either try to incorporate outdoor lighting fixtures into the living room, or try to stick with indoor ones. Firstly, hanging lanterns, iron outdoor flush mounts, or various wall lanterns will add a subtle, yet refreshing garden touch to the room. Secondly, a lotus flower chandelier, a wall scone adorned with beads, a branch-like wrought iron pendant, or a pebble table lamp brings nature’s beauty indoors, too.

We have listed six ways of decorating your home in a garden-like style. It is important to mention that you should pay attention to the balance of the design and avoid adding all six elements into one room. For example, if you opted for a mass wall, having large potted plants will definitely be too much.