It’s Never too early to start thinking about Mother’s Day Gifts

June 9th, 2017 | by EditorOne
It’s Never too early to start thinking about Mother’s Day Gifts

Back in 1908, a little community in West Virginia established the first Mother’s Day, according to Wikipedia. A church decided they were going to honor all the mothers in the congregation. Ever since then, we have been celebrating our mothers, grandmothers, wives, and other dear ladies on the second Sunday of May. Florists say it is their busiest and most lucrative weekend of the year, and holiday statistics agree. The chocolate and candy industry rakes in the cash on that day, too.

If you want to go beyond bouquets and bonbons, you can give your special lady a unique gift she will adore. Although it is a few weeks before the holiday, there is no better time than the present to find the perfect gift. Here are some suggestions to make your Mother’s Day shopping a little easier:

Living Wreath Bouquets

Living Wreath Bouquets of roses are perennial gifts for Mother’s Day. Although they are beautiful and can grace any mantle or table, they do not last for long. If your mom loves flowers and plants, why not surprise her with some that will last a whole season? Living wreaths incorporate hardy succulents, as well as some dainty blossoms. Some may also include live mosses. All your mom has to do to care for her living wreath is give them an occasional soak of water. These wreaths provide a warm welcome to visitors and are a constant reminder of your thoughtfulness.

French Coffee Press

Is your wife or mother not herself until she has a morning cup of coffee? She can enjoy it in style when you gift her with a classy French press. These ingenious coffee makers brew excellent coffee and are as beautiful as they are useful. You can buy a small collection of gourmet coffees to go with it and celebrate Mother’s Day with coffee and sweets.

Personal Embosser

Nothing says class like personally embellished letters and cards. If your special lady loves to write, consider buying her a personal embosser with her initials and a tasteful design. She will think of you each time she stamps a special card. Embossers are also handy for labeling a personal library.

Family Tree Print

Family is forever, so why not celebrate it this Mother’s Day? You can purchase an elegant family tree print with several generations of names. All of your special ladies’ names will be represented on the branches. Have it matted and framed, so your mother can hang it in a place of honor in her home.

Lottery Tickets

Maybe your Mom’s a bit of a gambler, or better yet maybe you just think (like most of us do) that she wouldn’t exactly mind winning $100 million. It’s worth mentioning that if you decide to go this route, you’d better hope she wins something otherwise it will definitely look like a bit of a last minute “oh no I forgot today was Mother’s Day” gift, and nobody wants that.