Keeping an Eye Out: Pros and Cons of 3 Business Security Options

February 14th, 2019 | by Anica O
Keeping an Eye Out: Pros and Cons of 3 Business Security Options

One of the most important parts of business is keeping your property and your employees secure. However, this is sometimes easier said than done. After all, you have a lot of different elements to consider. It helps to have guidance as you make this decision. Therefore, look at the pros and cons of the three business security options below.

Security Guards

One of the oldest versions of security is a security guard. It is effective for fending off people during busy times when other methods might not be as immediate in nature as an actual person. They can also help break up a crowd if they come in trying to cause trouble.

However, one of the most effective parts of a security guard is simply their presence. Most types of security guards cannot legally do much other than call the police, but they do offer a sign to would-be thieves that you have invested in security.

A potential downside of guards would be the price tag. When you have a real person, you of course want to compensate them well. This is especially true when they are guarding your property and your team. Therefore, they cannot work around the clock for free like other software and technology options can. Additionally, it’s also frequently necessary to have more than one guard present. If you’re considering hiring security guards for your business, be sure to way the cost and make sure this service is worth it.

Video Surveillance

The most modern type of security available is video surveillance. One of the biggest benefits of having your store or property on video is prosecuting thieves and other criminals. It also helps you prevent lawsuits.

If someone slips, for instance, you can go to the video to see if they were in the wrong. In addition, you can keep your employees honest. As an added bonus, modern systems can be viewed from your phone or other smart device thanks to digital communications. If you’re considering video surveillance for your business, be sure to get several quotes and recommendations from several CCTV installation services and pick the one that seems right to you.

Fencing and Perimeter Installments

While a security guard and video can help when people are on your property, there is another option as well to consider. Having a fence is an actual physical barrier between your business and the outside. It can be closed or locked up to keep people out in the first place. For the best results, it can be combined with the methods above to make your business a fortress of security.

You can build your business to be successful in a number of ways. However, it takes more than that to keep your business. You need solid security. That way, everything you have worked hard for cannot be taken away in an instant. Use the methods above to help you make the right decisions with regards to what option—or combination of options—is your best bet.