List Of Most Demanded Government Jobs In India

January 8th, 2014 | by Kinjal
List Of Most Demanded Government Jobs In India

India is the largest democratic country in the world. The country is blessed with enormous natural and human resources, but still we are facing various problems like unemployment, poverty etc. The problem of unemployment is carving our youth, and they are trying hard to find a job which is secure in all aspects. The vitality of government jobs comes into picture in this juncture.

A government job is of huge demand nowadays. Most of the private jobs in information technology sector and in outsourcing arena have lost its glamour due to economic recession. But government jobs are still holding their heads up due to its unassailable nature. is a database where you will get all the details about government jobs, and within one click, you can directly apply for your dream occupation. There are various dream government jobs in the country, and some of the most demanded ones are mentioned below.

Indian Police Service:

Indian Police Service is one of the most demanded government jobs in the country. The job is capable to take you to a new level which provides you the guts, glory and moreover fame. Indian Police Service will provide you the magic wand of authority, and this ‘call of power’ is one of the main features which attract more and more people towards this job. You can write the Indian Civil Service examination to get shortlisted for the Indian Police Service rank list.

Indian Administrative Service:

If you want to pull yourself to the elite class of Indian society, then the best way to do that is by enrolling as an Indian Administrative Service officer. If IPS is all about power, then IAS is all about reputation. This is undoubtedly the most respected profession in India, and all the Indian regulations, rules and infrastructure is being designed by these bureaucrats.

Bank Probationary officer:

Bank jobs are of huge popularity now days, and in this Probationary officer post holds a special respect. Many people all around the country are shedding their time and sweat to reach this post. As a bank PO, you will get umpteen numbers of facilities and privileges which is quite unimaginable for other government servants.

Indian Revenue Service: This job is suitable for people who want to stay safe. Indian Police Service and Indian Administrative Service will demand a lot of time to involve in Indian Politics. But Indian Revenue Service will help you to stay away from it, and you should work in the Income Tax Department. You will get huge remuneration, perks and other benefits while working in this sector.

Defense Jobs:

Defense jobs are known for its high risky nature, but still there are many people who dream to build a career out of it. If you want to serve your country, then you should try defense jobs, and it will surely increase the patriotic feel to a great extend.

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