Maintenance Tasks That Every Senior Manager Should Keep In Mind

January 6th, 2018 | by Anica O
Maintenance Tasks That Every Senior Manager Should Keep In Mind

While managers have many tasks to deal with each day, one of the most important involves building maintenance. Even though there are maintenance personnel on hand to tend to problems, it’s still important for senior managers to stay on top of any maintenance issues that may arise. However, to do so in the most efficient manner, they should have a checklist of certain tasks that are very important to keeping the building looking good and also being safe for employees and customers.

HVAC Systems

Important for indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and the comfort of employees and customers, the HVAC system should be a high priority for any manager. For best results, the system should be thoroughly inspected twice a year by HVAC technicians. Managers should make sure the inspection involves seasonal start-up and run tests, along with making sure pumps are checked for leaks or unusual noises. And along with this, air filters should be cleaned or replaced at least twice per year.


If there’s one thing you don’t want for your building, it’s having broken pipes or sewer systems that lead to leaks or other issues. To keep this from happening, plumbing systems should be checked at least once per year for any leaks, unusual noises, or pipes and other parts that may be broken or in need of other repairs. This is particularly important for the building’s bathrooms, since fixtures and toilets often need repairs.


Along with making sure the pipes aren’t leaking, it’s also crucial to ensure your building’s roof hasn’t sprung a leak as well. To make sure of this, have maintenance personnel from places like Melton Industries LLC check the roof at least twice per year, and also after any severe storms that could have caused undetected damage. In addition to this, make sure guttering is clear of any debris, since this can also lead to roof damage. And finally, if your building has a metal roof, be sure to check for corrosion, especially if the roof contains HVAC units where water condensation could be an issue.


Important for energy efficiency, safety, and the building’s appearance, lighting should also be regularly inspected. This includes interior and exterior lights, which should be checked for burned out bulbs, loose bulbs, or fixtures that may be loose or need to be replaced.

By keeping track of these important maintenance tasks, a senior manager for any business should be able to keep their building safe as well as looking its best.