Meeting Your Customers: 6 Ways To Make Contact

May 23rd, 2014 | by Annette H
Meeting Your Customers: 6 Ways To Make Contact

The work of staying in touch with customers is never ending – it lasts as long as the company exists. If you want to excel above competitors, reach out to as many people as you can. There are at least six ways that you can contact customers.

1. Make Fliers and Business Cards

You do not always need technology to make contacts. Pass out fliers and business cards wherever you can. Passing out a card makes the first impression. The company name, slogan and number are the only pieces of information that people need. It is easy to pass these cards and fliers along for viewing by other people. Hire a copywriter and graphic designer for eye-catching designs.

2. Provide Samples

Give out product samples to potential customers. You can et up stands inside of a store, include free products with certain purchases or mail freebies over a website. This helps customers understand exactly what you’re selling.

3. Create Blogs or Websites

Almost everyone knows that visiting a blog or website is necessary to gain knowledge and make orders. All types of professionals can start them as long as they write clearly and thoroughly. Find topics that are relevant to your company and industry. Keep the writing interesting and write regular articles for the blog.

4. Develop Mobile Apps

Reach your customers with the use of a custom mobile app. Send immediate news to customers who are constantly on the move. They should be able to learn about special events and deals regardless of their locations. Also, they should be able to make payments and reservations using an app. The modern way to do business is to reach customers’ phones.

5. Request Referrals

Contact your current list of customers and ask them to make referrals. Referral marketing is one of the easiest, cheapest and best ways to find new customers. One of the most effective routes is to find people online using social media. In the end, give out rewards for all of the referrals customers make.

6. Promote Ads

Almost every business finds customers using advertisements. You need these messages to increase a brand’s visibility and relevance. Whether you have old or new customers, keep people informed whenever you offer special deals and events. If you have a good writer, promote a regular column in the newspaper or magazine. To reach people who do not read papers, secure a commercial on a radio or TV station.

The methods of doing business have changed, but the importance of staying connected has not. Find the best ways to contact customers who are interested in your products or services.