Modern Home Makeover: 4 Updates You Can Make For A More Modern Look

November 21st, 2017 | by Anica O
Modern Home Makeover: 4 Updates You Can Make For A More Modern Look

No matter how much you liked a home when you first viewed it, it’s natural to want to make changes that better reflect your personal style and changing family needs. While truly historic homes should be preserved, those that are simply out-of-date can be modernized. You’ll get not only greater satisfaction, but more market value when the time comes to sell. Here are some effective ways to introduce a modern look and feel to an older home.

Renovate the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the major features for most homes. Your family will spend a lot of time there. Updating a kitchen can involve some major investment, depending on your design choices and budget, but it’s generally worth it. Today’s tastes go toward stainless steel appliances, open spaces, and newer, water-saving fixtures. You can also add features like LED recessed lighting, a kitchen island, a coffee station, and stone or granite countertops. Think subdued color schemes, clean surfaces, and more technology.

Update Your Windows

Updating your windows is a good way to significantly transform and modernize your home, inside and out. Traditional wooden, rectangular windows are obsolete, no matter how well-maintained they are. Look for energy-efficient, insulated windows that reflect your design ideas. White, aluminum, or even black frames should blend with almost any décor. You’ll want uniformity for the most part, but you have many product options and could even save on taxes.

Open up the Space

Many older homes were built with smaller rooms and closed-off floor plans in an effort to make heating or cooling living spaces more efficient. That isn’t a problem with modern forced-air HVAC systems. The trend for some years now is an open floor plan, especially in the kitchen/living/dining room areas where you’ll entertain visitors or enjoy family time. It makes the space seem much larger, enables better traffic flow, and allows you to carry on conversations as you move about.

New Siding

A change in siding can dramatically improve the look of your home’s exterior. Yesterday’s wooden lap siding is very expensive now, as well as wood shingles. They are also harder to maintain than vinyl or aluminum siding, and eventually begin to look “aged”. Newer materials are both cheaper and more durable, provide a wider selection of styles, colors, and textures, plus eliminate the need for occasional re-painting. Work with a contractor like Lifetime Exteriors or someone similar to get the look you want.

A modern look is very achievable, and even a wise move. With a little research, you’ll find many new home products are more affordable, efficient, and functional than classic ideas.