Neat Themes For Your Upcoming Office Party

January 14th, 2014 | by JRO
Neat Themes For Your Upcoming Office Party

If your office is in need of a little fun, there’s no better idea than planning a themed office party. Whether for an office birthday, a co-worker’s good news, the holidays, or just because, themed parties provide the perfect way for everyone to have fun and let loose.

Summer BBQ

If you’re planning a party in the warmer months, everyone will love the opportunity to get outside for an office picnic: there’s nothing like sunshine and fresh air to get people in good spirits. The best part about an outdoor picnic is that it’s an office gathering that your whole family can attend, much to the delight of your spouse and kids. If you can, have the office fund the cost of meat for barbecuing and beverages. Have each office member bring a side dish, buns, or condiments.

It’s a Masquerade

For a more upscale celebration—perhaps for an important event worth commemorating—opt for a classy masquerade ball. Offer champagne and hors d’oeuvres, and request that attendees wear black-tie event clothing and, of course, masks. Make sure you’re prepared with great music for dancing, and for extra fun, announce couples’ names upon arrival. This theme is best for adults, so request that co-workers leave their kids at home.

Celebrity Celebration

Nothing is more fun than getting dressed up in costume. For your next office party, make it a celebrity-themed celebration, complete with red carpet arrivals. Have each person dress up as their favorite celebrity, or encourage people who are bringing their spouse to dress up as a famous couple. If you can’t tell who people are supposed to be by their outfits, play a charades-like game where people must act out their character—the game will incite plenty of laughs. Add a little something extra by handing out “Oscars” for everyone in the office, based on skills or personality. “The award for hardest worker goes to….!”

Movie Madness

For a more casual office party that’s just for fun or for a staff night, have an office movie party. Rent a couple new releases or classics, and have everyone in attendance vote on which one they’d like to watch for the night. Order a pizza, have an ice cream bar, provide licorice, or pop some popcorn for a perfect movie-time snack. Set up a projector and grab some office chairs or couches and lounge away. Comedies are best!

Murder Mystery

The game Clue was a favorite among in today’s corporate world. Why not bring back those feelings of nostalgia with a real life simulation of the game? Write up a plot (you can usually find one of these online), and assign each person a character to play. Provide clues to players to eventually work out who the murderer is. You can even assign roles a week before the party to have people prepare adequately and get in character, or request that people dress as they think their character should. This is an office party theme that’s sure to keep people entertained and happy they chose to come.

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