Need Of Education Today

September 27th, 2013 | by Sophie S.
Need Of Education Today

Education is the key to success of every community in the contemporary world. This is because education is the most efficient tool of eradicating ignorance in the society. However, you should always know that quality education is the best since it enlightens and equips you with the fundamental life skills. Who needs to be educated? Who is responsible for educating the society? What is the importance of education? These are some of the questions that everybody asks but nobody gives a definite answer. The truth is everybody has the responsibility to educate and we all need education at one point or another. Education has a lot of benefits in the society:Need Of Education Today

Education Enlightens you

Learning is the process of acquiring knowledge. The knowledge can be general or about a specific field. Education allows your mind to grow since it broadens your way of thinking. When you improve the way you think then you stand a better chance of improving your life. The way you think, behave or interact with others is determined by the level of education in which you are.

Education gives you an understanding of yourself

Throughout your growth you have gradually learned more about yourself through the lessons you have received either in school or at home. The knowledge of yourself has obviously helped you in finding the most effective way of managing either your personality or your body. Have you ever imagined how the world would be if we never knew about the common diseases and how to treat them? The truth is that the world would be suffering right now form the problems you consider simple.

Education Equips you with Fundamental Life Skills

As a human being you are occasionally involved in various activities. These activities are driven by either economical or social benefits and they require skills. Studying these activities and coming up with the best way of achieving them guarantees you with benefits. Educating the society enables a community to come up with individuals that are reliable in different fields. Imagine going to a doctor or having an engineer who has no skills, there would be no development in the current world.

Education promotes Peaceful Co-existence in the Society

With the rise of globalization then there is need for the world to interact peacefully. However, there can’t be harmony in planet earth if different communities constituting the world are not educated on the need to co-exist. It is only through education that you can learn about different communities in the world and appreciate them. Agencies like ESTA promote peaceful co-existence by facilitating worldwide travelling.

Education also gives you a Good understanding of your Environment

In your daily activities, you are surrounded by the natural environment: other organism and even your immediate neighbours. It is therefore important for you to have a vivid understanding of your immediate environment for healthy living. There are also residential in national parks and forests, and human beings are not expected to negatively interfere with the wildlife. Through education, there has been establishment of zoos and animals are caged to facilitate in peaceful co-existence of human beings and wildlife.