Office Morale Boost: 4 Ways Your Office Can Make Employees Happier

May 14th, 2014 | by Annette H
Office Morale Boost: 4 Ways Your Office Can Make Employees Happier

Employees are more productive and contribute more to a work environment when they’re happy and feel that their workplace values them. The four ways to boost office morale listed below can keep your workforce happy, which in turn keeps your customers happy too. Boosting office morale is a win-win for everyone.

Feed Your Employees

Offering vending machine snacks and coffee or other drinks to your staff sends the message that the company values their physical needs. Few people eat three square meals a day anymore, and most health experts now promote snacking throughout the day as the key to maintaining optimal health. You could consult with a company such as Chicago vending service Fox Vending & Coffee Service to determine what will be best for your company.

Recognize Talent and Excellence

Showcasing your employees’ talents and their ability to go above and beyond what’s required of them tells them their hard work gets noticed and appreciated. Businesses can accomplish this in several ways. Having a bulletin board that displays positive customer feedback allows staff to see and understand how their actions and attitude has affected others in a positive way. Businesses can also honor great employees by recognizing them during meetings or giving employee of the month awards for great customer service, contributing extra time or effort, or going the extra mile.

Ask for Suggestions

Employees fulfill all the day-to-day tasks that make your business run smoothly. Many people working on the front lines have ideas about how to make their jobs more efficient or how to serve customers better and faster. Giving your employees the ability to make suggestions for change that the company can actually implement makes them feel like they have a say in how they do their jobs. They also feel like they have more autonomy and authority over their positions, which cultivates a feeling of empowerment, making your staff more invested in your business’s success.

Have Fun

Although most businesses require professionalism when dealing with customers and giving attention to detail, having fun at work contributes to staff job satisfaction and overall happiness. Find small ways that your employees can have fun while still doing a great job. When your staff feels lively and happy, this spills over into their customer interactions and affects how they treat their fellow coworkers as well.

Creating a happy workplace doesn’t require a major overhaul of the way you run your business. You can easily uplift your staff and boost morale with a few simple changes. Not only will your employees feel happier, but they’ll be more productive and less likely to miss work. Your customers will enjoy the benefits too when they interact with a happy customer service and sales force.