Office Sanitation: 3 Necessities To Pass Health Inspections

November 28th, 2017 | by Anica O
Office Sanitation: 3 Necessities To Pass Health Inspections

Individuals spend a significant amount of their daytime hours in their workplace, and many are often called upon to work late into the night and on weekends. Because of their constant use, offices require careful maintenance to ensure a hygienic environment for workers. Although an office is not the same as a home, it requires similar care to sanitation, to avoid the transmission of disease and unpleasant working conditions. Here a few tips to keeping your office clean enough to pass any health inspection.

1—Appropriate Refuse Receptacles

Your workplace should offer numerous refuse receptacles to dispose of various types of items. These containers should be well marked to ensure that paper refuse is separated from messier food items. Lunchrooms, in particular, should be provided with garbage receptacles with a closed top to prevent contamination. The receptacles should be lined with vinyl garbage bags to allow for easy removal from office, and these bags should be removed quickly after being filled.

2—Disposable Lunchroom Supplies

A sanitary lunchroom will provide a clean place for your office staff to eat and relax. You can help to promote hygienic use of the space by supplying disposable cups, plates and eating utensils that do not require constant washing and storage. This simple measure can reduce the transmission of food-borne diseases and help your staff stay healthy and productive. It’s also important that you provide the proper cleaning supplies, like the products offered by Mailender, to keep the office clean and sanitized.

3—Work Surface Maintenance

Work surfaces in your office can harbor a multitude of different types of viruses and bacteria that can make your workforce sick. Regular cleaning of desktops, telephone equipment, computer keyboards, lunchroom counters and bathroom fixtures will help to prevent colds and flu among your workers and will help to reduce absenteeism that hurts your business’s productivity.

Offices are places where many people congregate to communicate information and perform tasks. This environment must be as clean as any home environment to ensure that germs are not transmitted and that work can be accomplished in an organized and efficient manner. If you take a close look at your office maintenance, you may find that your efforts do not provide the hygienic workplace your staff deserves. If you keep these 3 tasks in mind, you will improve the hygiene of the work environment and provide a healthier, more pleasant space to be productive.