Offshore Company Formation – The Reasons To Consider It

December 19th, 2013 | by Alice Aires
Offshore Company Formation – The Reasons To Consider It

An offshore company is one that has primary operations based in one country while operating under the financial jurisdiction of another company altogether.  There are plenty of benefits to having an offshore company including more lenient tax rates, less financial regulation, legal protection, and privacy.  Of course, offshore company formation isn’t for every business, although in truth practically any company can benefit from it.  There are a few primary reasons that a company may elect to go offshore, some obvious and some not as glaring.  Here’s a look at a few of the most common reasons that it may be worth considering.

Using an offshore company to hold property is an important benefit and a common reason that offshore company formation may occur.  This allows avoidance of several taxes like inheritance tax or capital gains taxes.  Investment companies often utilize offshore company benefits since it allows funds to be invested around the world while avoiding various taxes.  Most countries that are frequent homes to international companies have much more lenient business taxes in general that are applied to companies operating as offshore companies.  In short, tax avoidance is a key feature of this type of company and is probably the most common reason it occurs.

Protecting retirement funds from bankruptcy and avoiding predatory litigation are two more common reasons that offshore company formation is used.  In most cases, litigation must be pursued through the government of the country that is home to the company instead of through the courts in the country the lawsuit originates from.  An offshore company provides numerous protection benefits and will even afford an increased level of privacy to you.  In some countries it is completely illegal to divulge any financial information to anyone, a fact that helps to highlight just how beneficial offshore companies really can be.

Companies that employ many expatriates may also consider offshore company formation since it helps with tax and exchange issues that may arise.  In some cases professional consultants even set up an offshore company and then employ themselves in order to take advantage of several benefits that may exist.  From tax breaks to privacy and all points in between, utilizing an offshore company is one of the very best ways to ensure that your business thrives.  So long as you take careful steps to ensure you always stay compliant with any applicable laws, there are really few arguments to be made against doing it.

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