Online Adult Stores – India Rising

September 11th, 2014 | by SunnyP
Online Adult Stores – India Rising

A thong that is made of candies, which is safe to eat, a lubricant or oil to improve and make your bedroom play time longer, a Bluetooth capable toy that can turn your phone into a device that encourages long distance intimate moments- all these adult products are available in many Indian online stores. Online adult stores are now becoming popular in India, but as the prohibition wears downs, many are beginning to think of what they want from their lovers, and many websites are sprouting like mushrooms to fill in the demands of the growing market.

One of these online adult store is the PrivyPleasures. The site offers various adult products like lingerie, erotic clothing and adult toys and accessories, which are readily available for individual who are looking for ways to spice up the “happenings” inside their bedroom.

Why the Demand for these Adult Online Shop?

It is a fact that many are embarrassed to purchase something as daring as a vibrating panty from a physical store because they are concern of what others will think about them. This has ignited the minds of now the owners of the various online adult stores. They believed that it will help those who would want to buy adult products, like adult toys, to be free from the eyes of the discriminating public.

However, despite the freedom of online adult shops in India in selling their products, they still take into consideration of the limitations of what products they can offer due to the vague laws in the country. But aren’t adult toys being offered by online adult shops illegal in India.

India is actually silent on the sale of sex apparels and toys. The fact the adult apparels and toys bear the impression of obscenity, any advertisement in dealing such products is always carefully done to avoid the risk of attracting any violation of Indian law.  The Indian laws on the issue of sex or sexology are not as liberated in the European and Western countries. Hence, there is truly a need for changes in India since the country is also dynamic and has also evolved through the years.

So, is Marketing Adult Products not a Difficult Dealing?

Marketing adult products online is not difficult because most of the adult online shops are offering legal products and there is truly a need to do an online market due to the rising number of internet customers.

Though the adult stores are not able to sell sex toys such as vibrators because it is forbidden in India, they can still offer various erotic costumes and accessories which are not readily avail in many physical stores. Also, there are famous online retailers that are starting to offer sexy lingerie.  One of which is

PrivyPleasures is an online Indian shop that offers various adult products quench your thirst for a sexual fantasy. Founded in Aug 2011, PrivyPleasures offers erotic but elegant sexy dresses, lingerie, nightwear, adult accessories and costumes to customers all throughout India. The site also offers various international brands like Electric Lingerie, Elegant Movement, Magic Silk and Hustler Lingerie.

They assure their clients of complete anonymity and privacy in every shopping. All their purchases are sent in discreet packages which have no return address to avoid any sort of embarrassment.