Organized Office: 5 Ways To Keep Your Work Space Clean

October 4th, 2017 | by Anica O
Organized Office: 5 Ways To Keep Your Work Space Clean

The present state of the environment of any office can communicate a lot to any client who walks in. Top notch tidiness and hygiene is one way to show a customer that the office pays keen attention to proper organization and neatness. In typical scenarios, clients are often driven away by scenes of rowdy and unkempt desks. This lowers the expectation of the customer in regards to the office’s management. To keep this from happening, here are five tips to consider when attempting to keep your work space clean:

1. Get rid of the Clutter

Most of the items found on office tables are of minimal need. It could be a Christmas card given to you by your boss over the weekend or a box of tissues that you rarely use. The best thing is to sort out the items to figure out which is useful and which is not. When in doubt of what to get rid of, appropriate storage is advised.

2. Scan All Documents

In today’s technical world, almost everything is stored digitally. This reduces the menace of printing papers and carrying large batches. Scanning gets rid of the physical documents but still ensures the information is safely stored. This also ensures that the documents are not destroyed through fire or water accidents.

3. Cleaning Supplies

Always ensure to keep janitorial supplies close by. Accidents are prone to happen in the office. Buying cleaning supplies from a company like Mailender and having them readily available helps to fix messes before they get worse or turn into permanent stains.

4. Regular Cleaning Time

Daily routine clean-ups minimizes on junk accumulation on office desks. Fixing a specific clean up time reduces on the load and only takes a few minutes of your time. Regular clean ups can also help you find items that were lost in the pile.

5. Make It an Office Routine

Have the entire office take part in the clean-up activity. This will motivate others to clean up their desks. To make it more interesting, pose a challenge to the office, the cleanest desk by the end of the week gets a reward. The reward could be a free breakfast or a box of doughnuts.

Having a clean work space is not only vital for the outward appearance, it also creates a clean state of mind when working and makes it easier to trace needed materials. Take on the challenge today and clean out your desk.