Pitfalls To Avoid When Choosing Student Accommodation

July 9th, 2015 | by KadyK
Pitfalls To Avoid When Choosing Student Accommodation

These days, anyone looking to score the most ideal student accommodation Newcastle has to offer will instinctively hit the web over and above all other avenues. Which of course makes perfect sense as the vast majority of landlords and agencies alike are right now using the Internet as their sole means of advertising the properties they have available. But while the Internet has certainly made it a great deal more convenient for the average student in search of accommodation, it has also brought about one or two rather bad habits.

The simple fact of the matter is that the easier it is to find and secure student accommodation with just a few clicks, the easier it is to dive head-first into a bad decision. So in order to help ensure they’re avoided where possible, here’s a quick overview of the six most common mistakes made by today’s student accommodation-hunter:

1 – Rushing Things

First and foremost, the single most common and easy-to-fall-into trap of all is that of rushing into a decision. It’s natural for most students to have the desire to secure accommodation as fast as possible and it’s inevitable that the properties in highest demand will full up fastest. But at the same time, rushing a decision rarely leads to those in question getting their ideal property at the ideal price. Time will always be a factor, but not to such an extent as to mean it’s a good idea to just sign up for the first thing that comes along just for the sake of getting the deal done.

2 – Following Others Blindly

In a similar vein, it’s also a very bad idea to choose a property based solely on the fact that it seems to be a building or area that ‘everyone’ wants to be in. Now, there will of course always be certain areas that are vastly more popular than others, but this doesn’t mean for one second that they are the ideal areas for you. After all, what suits some may not in any way be the right kind of living standards for others. Some prefer peace and quiet, others prefer chaotic environments and so on and so forth – you have to know what you want in order to find the perfect fit.

3 – Signing Up Without Viewing

A huge and pretty obvious mistake but also one that’s surprisingly common, it’s nothing short of fatal to sign up for a property without taking the time to view it in person. Sure, the pictures look nice enough on the website, but it’s not as if the property’s owner is going to be inclined to share pictures of all the stuff he or she doesn’t want you to see. It’s not until you take the time to give the place a proper inspection that you can have even the slightest idea of what to expect, so never pass up the opportunity for an in-person visit.

4 – Ignoring the Evidence

Stubbornness has the potential to play a pretty damaging role in the selection process too…and often does. When you find a place that seems to be perfect but the word on the street argues differently, it’s natural to assume that it’s just a case of people moaning and complaining for no good reason. However, when and where the feedback and testimonials regarding any specific place or area are predominantly negative, this is the kind of evidence you can’t afford to ignore. Mixed opinions are one thing, but if all you’re hearing is negative chatter, you might want to consider listening to it.

5 – Underspending

Keeping costs to a minimum will always be of crucial importance for students across the board, but at the same time there is such a thing as underspending. It’s not to say that you can only get decent digs at university if you spend a fortune, but at the same time you can’t expect to live in the lap of luxury if you’re only willing to pay the absolute minimum.

6 – Overlooking Local Conveniences

Last but not least, never forget that along with the quality and suitability of the property itself, local conveniences also play a huge role in things. After all, it’s one thing to find a fantastic room in a wonderful building, but if you’re looking at an hour’s bus ride every time you need a loaf of bread, you’ll soon regretting choosing the place. Think about the surroundings and how convenient life in general will be if you were to live there – it’s not always as black-and-white as it appears.