Promoting With Samples: Top Tips For A Successful Campaign

October 16th, 2013 | by RS
Promoting With Samples: Top Tips For A Successful Campaign

A sampling campaign can be a very effective way to boost product awareness and increase sales. But how should you start your campaign? If you have never run a sampling campaign before, there are many things that you need to consider to make a success of it. Here are some of the main factors that you should consider before you start your campaign.

1. Come Up with a Plan

Any good sampling campaign requires a carefully thought out plan, so this is the first thing that you need to think about. Sampling can be an expensive process and you want to make sure you get it right and spend as little as possible while enjoying a successful campaign.

Try to start planning your campaign many months in advance if possible. If you have many products, you may want to choose the one that will have the biggest impact. Alternatively, you may want to vary the products that you sample. You should also consider where you will be handing out samples. At industry events? In the street? At shopping centres? This will depend upon your target market, and getting this right is crucial if you are to convert samples into sales.

Promoting With Samples: Top Tips For A Successful Campaign

2. Presentation of Samples

The presentation of your samples will have a huge impact on the success of the campaign. This involves how you present the actual product and display its packaging. However, it also involves the people who are providing the samples. This is why many companies hire professional sampling staff.

Hiring professional staff can affect the response rate of your samples. People will associate professional sampling staff with your brand. You want them to be friendly, attractive and confident to improve the public perception of your company. is a sampling agency that provides sampling staff, and you may want to consider using a specialist agency to improve the overall presentation of your samples.

3. Be Creative

Try to be different with your samples. You want your products to get noticed, and you can give them a helping hand by making the presentation memorable. You could do this through your choice of packaging, which could be eco-friendly, bright, vibrant or simply unusual. This can help your sample to stand out and increase its appeal.

4. Track your Success

The most important part of any sampling campaign is to find out if it is working. There is not much point in going to all the effort if it does not convert into sales. You can do this by keeping track of how many people join your social network after they have received samples. You could look out for brand mentions on Twitter and see if you are generating any buzz through your sampling. You may want to hand out promotion codes with your samples and find out how many of them are used.

The aim is to find out what works and what doesn’t, and then learn from your results for the next time.

Get more Success from your Sampling

Sampling is a great way to improve brand awareness and sales. Don’t let it turn into an expensive waste of time, and instead plan carefully. Put some thought into it, focus on the presentation and track the results to make sure your sampling campaign is as successful as possible, then learn from the experience and improve on it next time.