Rhythmic News Brought in Style

August 16th, 2013 | by Rekha
Rhythmic News Brought in Style

There are a variety of ways in which the news can be brought in front of the audience and one such new way has been adopted by Makhtar Fall and that was showcased as the news was presented by him in his two button blazer. The news was not merely spoken, but was rapped and this is an entirely different manner of presenting the news as seen by the perspective of the audience. To add to the effects, the background was filled with an electrical beat as the hands of the reporter flapped in the air as the news was rapped. The first statement to start the news was the mere statement that stated that the reporter had good news as well as bad news, but all in all there was news for the audience.

Makhtar FallRhyming of the Nightly News

Senegal is a small country that has its roots based on hip hop and beginning of this new rhyming news has definitely created a buzz among the residents, where majority of the people are not even eighteen years of age. The news is presented by two people who are aging rock stars and these individuals include Mr. Fall as well as his co anchor Cheikh and they seem to have found an interesting career apart from mere rapping. This career definitely adds a cheer among the rap crazy occupants of the country, this kind of rhythmic format in which the news is being presented has already been tried by the rappers in Australia.

Giving Africa a New Life

The news that is known as “Journal Rappe” is being awaited eagerly by many enthusiasts and the first episode of this news has already aired in various other countries such as Australia. Now the same life comes knocking on the news world of Africa and this rapping news would take place in the beats that are familiar as well as liked by Africa as a whole. For the pilot episode of the newscast, a rap is being worked on by a popular DJ along with collaboration from a popular rapper as well as a rap crew. According to the beat maker, the rhythmic news will sweep Africa with surprise as well as a unanimous liking by the entire mass.

Starting at the Roots

Among the entire African landscape that is present to start the roots, the main reason behind the starting of such at the Senegal is the mere fact that the city well acknowledges the culture of hip hop as well as rapping. To showcase a unanimous liking of the hip hop, all one needs to do is to walk in the popular parts of the city and the application of graffiti can be seen all over and it forms a major portion of the culture of the community. The news show that is being showcased would have each episode last for a mere five minutes. The topics that are covered include world affairs, general public health, weather as well as politics; thus ensuring that everything within the news would be covered.