Right Reasons to Choose Engineering

June 29th, 2018 | by Shashank G
Right Reasons to Choose Engineering

Engineering as a stream is highly regarded in India but are students doing it for the right reasons? Rather than following the general trend, aspirants can consider some other perks of the stream too inspire them and get motivated to make the decision.

The market demand for skilled engineers will always be on the higher side and it is paramount significance to hone the right skills. In a country like India which is fast developing the need for qualified engineers is the need of the hour. In today’s world, technology gets obsolete at a rapid pace and the requirement of something new to match the market demands has never been this high.

The applicants for engineering stream are high in number and the reason behind it is a vague one. There is this herd mentality that dictates the young generation of the country to choose engineering, but is the motivation behind it, right? Countless students prepare day in and day out for the toughest exams like JEE, BITSAT to take admissions in engineering institutes, not for the society but they do it for themselves. It is the general consensus that taking up the stream will yield good returns in terms of finances and status in society.

Yes, there is demand in the market for engineers and the salaries are good but there is also a yearning need to build a better society and a brighter future. Some rationales to inspire the present generation to take up engineering and not take a forced decision:

Challenging self and showcasing creativity

The real-world problems are very much there for everyone to see and the solutions to these complex problems don’t only need engineering prowess but also creativity. Businesses, scientists or even designers can have or create ideas but it is on the onus of the engineers to transform the idea into reality.

If the young generation acknowledges the crisis the world is facing and are willing to contribute to the cause then there is no bigger motivation to choose engineering as a career option. The world sorely needs creative solutions as resources are limited and problems aplenty. So, prepare for exams like JEE and BITSAT not only to get admissions in top colleges but also change the world.

Acquire skills that fit across verticals

From reporting viability of a project or preparing a financial report of the project to the execution of it, engineers are valuable to an organization’s every vertical. The very reason why engineers are now in top positions of MNCs across the globe.

The knowledge imparted in engineering stream will not only equip aspirants with skills mentioned above but also help them meet deadlines by effective management of time, learn how to become a team player and in turn learn leadership qualities.

Being prepared for any challenge

Life of is not easy but preparedness to deal with the problems is what counts. An engineer’s life from the very day he/she joined an engineering institute isn’t an easy one and hence is prepared for any circumstance that life can throw at them. An engineer is ingrained with competitiveness and have adaptive qualities and that is what everyone should aspire to be.


The motivation to decide on whether to choose engineering stream isn’t a script that can be followed but the desire that counts.

“Be and build the bridge for a better world”