Role of A Criminal Appellate Lawyer In An Atlanta Start-Up

March 14th, 2018 | by Mack A
Role of A Criminal Appellate Lawyer In An Atlanta Start-Up

A start-up needs different types of professionals as they try to make their mark in the industry. But often start-ups in Atlanta overlook the importance of teaming up with an efficient criminal appellate lawyer or law firm. The reasons for hiring an appellate lawyer for a business are often not obvious to most entrepreneurs. A criminal appellate lawyer can prove to be an asset for a start-up. Let’s take a look at what role a criminal appellate lawyer can play in a start-up venture in Atlanta.

Helps to enforce the legal rights of the company

When a start-up is involved in business litigation, a lot can be at stake. Losing a lawsuit can impact the future of the company in a negative manner. If a trial ends in an unfavorable outcome, the company cannot possibly leave the verdict unchallenged. When a start-up wants to pursue their right to appeal in Atlanta, they need a knowledgeable legal counsel. This is where a criminal appellate lawyer comes into the picture. An experienced attorney dealing with business appeals can guide a company and help to enforce the legal rights in a result-oriented manner.

Identifies and outlines the legal options available for your start-up

An appeal is an opportunity to overturn the ruling of the trial court. But every ruling does not provide the scope for an appeal. A company must have enough grounds to be able to file an appeal. Such grounds can include finding the errors related to the inclusion of evidence during the trial, procedural errors that might have occurred in the trial court, or errors in interpreting the law that resulted in a negative outcome for the start-up. To identify such errors is not the job of a layman. It requires in-depth knowledge of the appellate laws in Atlanta. A criminal appellate lawyer has the skills needed to find out the errors. The lawyer will also be able to guide the start-up regarding the appeal and the process needed to follow for the same.

Brings expertise to the table

Business appeals can be filed for various types of litigations. These can include breach of an agreement, disputes with partners, disputes with employees, shareholders and contractors or manufacturers, disputes over non-payment of dues, etc. Since appellate laws are complex in nature, an experienced appeals lawyer will be able to deal with the appeal in an appropriate manner. Moreover, the appellate laws differ from one state to another. So, it’s important for a company to seek the help of a legal counsel who is familiar with the laws of Atlanta. In other words, hiring the services of an experienced lawyer from an Atlanta criminal appellate law firm can make a big difference to their business appeal.

Handles the business appeals

To make a successful appeal, a start-up needs an appellate lawyer with excellent written and oral argument skills. These skills are common to appellate lawyers. An expert appellate lawyer will be able to write the brief in a compelling manner and stand up to the challenge of arguing in the court and try to make sure that the start-up wins the appeal.