Rules & Regulations For Paying Guest Accommodation

February 23rd, 2015 | by Scott A
Rules & Regulations For Paying Guest Accommodation

Paying Guest accommodation is one of the affordable option but it comes with certain disciplinary standards which sometimes appear too much for you if you are free spirited person and prefers to enjoy space. Some of them are as follows

Deposit is One Month Rent and should be Paid in Advance

Before you step into the paying guest accommodation you need to pay one month rent as deposits. For instance you are on the verge of finalizing a paying guest accommodation in Secunderabad, you are expected to pay one month rent in advance as deposits. In many paying guest accommodation, the rent is also in prepaid…you need to pay the rent in advance

Specific Food Preference

Some paying guest have food restrictions like vegetarian pg. In such paying guest, you are not allowed to get non veg food and cooking non veg food is actually a no – no….Some allows you to order non veg food from outside but most of them have apprehensions in that also…

Fixed Timing for Coming Back at Night

This is another strict rules for paying guest regarding timings for coming back home and there is usually a cut off time in the evening or night. Though you can negotiate with timings once in a while, depending on the rapport you share with your landlord

No Friends

Friends are not allowed in the paying guest as a part of rules and regulations. Though there exist boys and girls paying guest but that most of the time they have separate facilities for boys and girls and generally friends are not allowed in pg and the boyfriends or girlfriends are not even from distance. In paying guest there are other tenants who can be either in shared or single accommodation and to ensure the comfort level of everyone and restrict the strangers from being from using the premise this rules has been laid by. Your guest or friends is always a stranger…perhaps this is one reason for this

No Parties

Parties are strictly not allowed in paying guest. The friends are only not allowed so how will be partying without friends. PG accommodations so not allow smoking or drinking and how that party go without friends….boring…will isn’t it…but nothing much can be done to this, since these are the rules and if you are opting for it…you got to abide by it

Off late I came across some kinky paying guest accommodation rules which left me speechless like the landlord doesn’t allow the tenants to talk over phone after 10:30 pm. Not only that, in spite of having separate boys and girls accommodations, the girls can‘t get accompanied by boys at any point of time as well as not allowed to shorts inside the rooms also. The tenants are also not allowed to put on ceiling fans and only allowed to use pedestals assuming that there girls might commit suicide if they are having some personal issues. Even they are expected to talk softly and pay extra if they are using charging point for laptops or mobile…