Russia Faces Criticism For Being Biased To The Gay Community

August 12th, 2013 | by Rekha
Russia Faces Criticism For Being Biased To The Gay Community

A group of international personalities, which criticized the nation for nurturing anti-homophobic beliefs, corners Russia. The set includes sportsmen, actors and politicians who urged the International Olympic Committee to take away Russia’s right to host next year’s Winter Games.

Actor, Stephen Fry in his letter to the IOC, severely reprimanded Russian President Putin, for assuming a standpoint common in Germany during Nazi rule. The authority stoked up hatred against the homosexual section of the society, which led to the murder of at least one man. Fry urged the International Olympic Committee to take step against the Russian government for failing to maintain an unbiased objective towards its people. The letter mentioned this to be an act of barbarism therefore as a penalty the Winter Olympic Games of 2014 should be immediately banned.

Russia Faces Criticism For Being Biased To The Gay CommunityStephen Fry accused Putin of following the same crime, which wrecked havoc in the year 1936 Berlin Olympics. The Nazi government passed a law for the persecution of a minority who had no fault of there own, except for what they are naturally.  Fry received support from Lord Ali, Labor peer and businesspersons. The former announced that he being a gay himself does not want history to repeat itself. Barrack Obama, President of United States of America, cautioned that the attempt to go against the gay right would not be acceptable to Washington DC. Though he rejected any idea of shunning the games venue, he supported the athletes showing concern for the homosexual rights.

Other celebrities who supported Stephen Fry are Lady Gaga, Billy Bragg and Sir Lan McKellen. Tanni Grey-Thompson congratulated Fry for upholding the issue. However, few people believe that sports should be kept away for politics.

In his verbal attack to Putin’s indifference towards the gay community of the country, President Barrack Obama says that he has no good word for a country, which does not see the transgender, gay and lesbian in the same light as the ordinary people. Many countries participate in the International games so it is important that a nation uphold its ideologies in a proper way. A White House spokesperson said that Washington is greatly concerned about the biased treatment gays receive in Russia. He added that they America are in perpetual touch with the IOC and British Olympic Association to promote the right spirit of the games.

The Russian parliament recently passed a law, compelling one to pay heavy fines if information is passed about gay and lesbian, to anyone below the age of 18. The government was forced to pass the law at time, as there were reports of gay men being physically assaulted. They were enticed to meet unknown people. After being, victimized videos were made which was circulated to portray their actuality. Often this harassment proved to be devastating for the victim in a society where they were seen as abnormal.

Darryl Seibel, spokesperson for British Olympics said that they are keeping a close vigil on the current situation of Russia. However, they will rely only on the information provided by the IOC.