Save water and energy with the new refrigeration system

October 8th, 2018 | by Mack A
Save water and energy with the new refrigeration system

As consumers get conscious about the environment, it is important for manufacturers to offer products that fit their needs and do not damage to the environment we live in. It is high time you replace your low charge ammonia refrigeration system with an industrial expert refrigeration system. Every industry has varying requirements and this can only be met by a professional who understands the same.

Industrial refrigerators ready for use

If you are an industry owner and looking for an efficient refrigeration system, contact today and get a quote for the same. The refrigerator will deliver the same power as a custom built ammonia system does. Additionally, it will not use any water and consume the same amount of annual power. This means you will be saving water, have the same energy cost and enjoy an efficient cooling system.

By making a move from the traditional refrigeration system to the synthetic refrigerant solution, you will be saving on the long term operational costs which include water usage, power and maintenance. Since the units are designed keeping your requirement and capacity in mind, you will have the flexibility of converting from low to high temperature applications by adjusting the temperature set. It will become much easier for you to adjust the temperature and enjoy the same amount of efficiency. The refrigerator not only adds convenience but also saves water.

You can install a unit in an existing building and in new projects as well. This solution is easy to install and has low maintenance costs. Whatever your industry size and type, you can have a custom made refrigerator installed at your place. It is a preferred alternative to the traditional refrigeration system which consumes high power and water.

What makes it better than the traditional refrigerator?

When you make a choice to shift from the traditional cooling system to the synthetic refrigeration system, you immediately reduce the damage the system does to the environment. Apart from that, you also save on the cost of energy and save water. The system does not use water and will not consume higher energy at any point of time. It defrosts with hot gas for the purpose of increased efficiency and does not require any water treatment or a condenser replacement.

What makes it unique and long lasting is the strong and sturdy construction. It has stainless steel air sides and piping. In addition, it also has hot dipped galvanized structural steel which offers decades of uninterrupted operations. There are various benefits of using this refrigeration system. It is easy to install and convenient to use. You can change the temperature from low to high in no time. You will not have to call for trained operators for the same. If you consider the long term cost, you will realize that you are saving substantial amount of money by replacing the traditional model of industrial refrigerator inside your industry with a low charge alternative.