Save Your Money By Using Freight Forwarding

January 6th, 2014 | by BloggerOne
Save Your Money By Using Freight Forwarding

In the UK, freight forwarders act as an in between party between clients and several possible logistics and courier services. The freight forwards can guarantee that your items will arrive at their destination at a date that has been agreed in advance.

Freight forwarding services serve to coordinate partnerships with every kind of known carrier, to heavy hauling companies to air freight specialists. They can negotiate the best prices and advise clients about the shipping routes that are the most cost effective.

The following presents some items to consider when obtaining shipping quotes:

When Planning Your shipping, Take Up Less Room If At All Possible

The shipping charges that are levied by most freight forwarders are calculated by the space that is taken up by the space your items use. Therefore it is important to pack your goods as tightly and as compactly as possible. If you have several items, it is better to pack them altogether in a larger box, or in several boxes that can be arranged in a compact unit together and wrapped as one unit.

If you have questions about packing, you should ask your freight forwarder about packing techniques and they will assist you in this area. Many times your freight forwarder will supply wooden pallets that will give your items the necessary strength for shipment. If you find yourself shipping the same types of items on a regular basis, ask your freight forwarder if he can help you to pack your items in such a way so that they are the same each time so that perhaps you can get a discount from the carrier.

Consolidate By Planning Ahead

Also by planning ahead, you can take goods consolidation one step further along the line. If you are going to ship the same quantity of goods next week, for example, you might want to just do it now and add it to the current shipment, as you would be increasing the load, but decreasing the frequency, which might save you some money overall.

Shipping two loads of the same thing will end up costing you more than combining them into one larger load. If you compare the pricing, you will be happy. You will also be able to negotiate a better deal if you can send a truck full of your items, rather than a partial load. You have to parse the costs over the two loads and you will readily see the savings.

At first, this method might take a little time to think through and organize, but once you have everything in order you will be saving a considerable amount of money.

How To Negotiate Extra Discounts

Even if you are only shipping one time, don’t be shy about asking for a discount. Many of the freight carriers will give discounts as an incentive to use them again in the future.

A less than container load (LCL) or less than a truck load (LTL) does mean that you are filling in the e remaining spaces that might be there. In this way you are paying only for the space that you are using instead of the entire load. By using a freight forwarder, you are working with a network of carriers through your forwarder, and they are able to negotiate cheaper pricing overall.

Freight forwarding management will be better able to save you money if you can plan a little in advance what type and yow much in the way of services you will be needing over a period of time. The frequent users will be able to get the most discounts.

Be Sure To Pay Only For What You Need

Don’t pay extra for a speedy air shipment, only to have your goods sit idly in a warehouse for several weeks. Select the most appropriate delivery for your needs, and your freight manager will be able to help you with this. Different shipping methods and timing has everything to do with your costs and charges. For example, shipping by sea is much slower, but in the long run can be more cost effective since it is so much lower in cost. Working closely with your freight forwarder will pay you hefty dividend in the planning and timing of your shipment as it relates to your overall cost.

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