Senior Advocacy Groups and Educational Resources in and Around Eugene, Oregon

July 4th, 2018 | by Jelena D
Senior Advocacy Groups and Educational Resources in and Around Eugene, Oregon

With a growing population of seniors, there are many organizations in Eugene, Oregon who provide advocacy, education and support services for seniors and their families. The following organizations provide support groups, education, workshops, referrals and other information with a focus on senior issues in Eugene:

Senior and Disabled Services is part of the State of Oregon Department of Human Services. This agency plans and administers many programs for seniors – including Senior Connections, the Family Caregiver Program and Meals on Wheels. The office is located at 1015 Willamette Street in Eugene. You can call 541-682-4038 or the county website is

The American Cancer Society has an office in Eugene at 2350 Oakmont Way, Suite 200. This organization offers many services to individuals and families dealing with cancer. Call 541-484-2211 or for more information. Nearby, the American Diabetes Association also offers many programs. They are located at 2350 Oakmont Way (in the same building as The Cancer Society) in Suite 208. Call 541-343-0735 or

OASIS is an educational organization for people over 50 years old. Membership is free and OASIS offers many classes, workshops and volunteer opportunities for older adults in Eugene. Call 541-342-6611, extension 5601 or visit and look for more information on OASIS.

The Campbell Senior Center at 155 High Street, next to Skinner’s Butte park in Eugene is a fantastic resource for older adults. Campbell Senior Center provides social activities, classes, field trips, meals, volunteer opportunities and referrals and links to other community resources. Call 541-682-5318 or go to to find out more about what is going on at Campbell Senior Center.

Senior Net Computer Learning is geared toward helping seniors obtain and update computer skills. Located at 1059 Willamette Street, call 541-345-9441 for information on classes and computer learning opportunities.

Finally, Peacehealth Center for Senior Health is a wonderful community-based resource providing senior programs, education and medical support. Call 541-687-6234 or try to find out more about available services, support groups and resources.

Additionally, Campbell Senior Center is a good clearinghouse of information on education and advocacy group activities going on in the Eugene area.