Simple Hacks For Reducing Residential Energy Consumption

October 7th, 2016 | by Norbert C
Simple Hacks For Reducing Residential Energy Consumption

Saving a few bucks always seems like a good idea, especially by doing something truly earth-friendly. Economic crisis has made the job market very uncertain, so it’s important to have something to fall back on in a time of need. Considering it’s a major house expenditure, electricity bill is definitely worth tackling. Cutting down on your energy consumption at home doesn’t only help you put some money aside, it also allows you to create a more sustainable set-up. Here are some tips on how to accomplish this at your own home.

Minimise Heating and AC Needs

No matter the season, it seems that we always yearn for different weather and temperature conditions than the ones we have momentarily. When the winter comes, we just can’t get enough of heat, while in the summer, we tend to make our houses icy cold. This all affects our energy consumption since heating and air conditioning devices mercilessly gulp the electricity.

This isn’t just unsound behaviour in terms of money. Shifting from our interior to excessive heat or cold outside can have adverse effect on our health. Tweak your thermostat to a temperature closer to the one outdoor one (up to 10 degrees of difference) and save both your health and money. In addition, trade your AC unit for a simple fan sometimes and make use of warmer clothes and blankets in wintertime to help your body adjust more easily.

Simple Hacks For Reducing Residential Energy Consumption

Plug off the unnecessary Devices

Most of us are either not familiar with this, or simply can’t be bothered to do it on daily basis. Still, plugging off the devices we’re not currently using is a major step in energy conservation. Majority of household devices and appliances are veritable energy slurpers, even in the standby mode. Virtually anything that’s plugged consumes at least a bit of energy.

The biggest culprits include our beloved media and tech paraphernalia, such as computers, TVs, gaming consoles, as well as some kitchen units, such as microwave and toaster ovens. Instead of unplugging each and every one of these devices, group them to several extension cords with a switch, and turn them all off at a press of a button, advise highly-rated providers of electrical services.

LED Revolution

You cannot talk about energy saving methods without mentioning the fantastic LEDs. The greedy heat-producing incandescent bulbs are the thing of the past. Although compact fluorescent lights (CFL) were the go to green option no so long ago, the LEDs have managed to surpass them in both terms of price and quality. They save up to 75% of energy compared to standard bulbs.

As a bonus, LED lights don’t contain mercury and other harmful substances like their immediate predecessors. Lastly, they give off a pleasant light and don’t generate heat, which makes them suitable for every place in the house.

Simple Hacks For Reducing Residential Energy Consumption

Ditch the Fridge

If you’re still keeping your old refrigerator in your garage or shed thinking it’s a waste not to use it, you’re making a terrible mistake. Old devices, fridges in particular, are notorious energy hogs. The new models are made with energy-conserving methods in mind, while these cooling veterans are falling far behind.

To solve this problem, ditch your old units and trade them in for the ones that meet your family needs. This smart upgrade will save you a great deal of money and provide a more advanced cooling experience.

Power of the Sun

How about some free energy for your home? The solution is right above our heads, yet many of us tend to overlook its potential. Harvesting solar power has become popular in the last decade, and with good reason. It’s dependable, it’s free and you can use it to eliminate your dependence on the power grid for a variety of amenities.

Yes, there’s a matter of initial investment in solar panels, but these are bound to pay off in the near future. Also, with solar leasing option, you make use of its benefits without actually purchasing the device.

Simple Hacks For Reducing Residential Energy Consumption

As you can see, you can turn around your energy consumption to the saving mode with simple change of habits and minimal, simple upgrades. Calculate your monthly expenditure and get on board with the sustainable energy use.