Simple Ways To Increase Brand Awareness at Events

September 8th, 2018 | by Mack A
Simple Ways To Increase Brand Awareness at Events

Networking and business events are essential for building potential relationships, but the main way those relationships are built are through brand awareness.  It’s easy to advertise online or in print, but to be memorable at a tradeshow or event requires you to go one step further.  Here are some simple ways to make your brand stand out above the rest

Logo Stickers

It may seem like the obvious approach but free branded swag still ranks supreme, and the most effective and simple still remains the logo decal.  However, today graphic design is everywhere and is utilized in branding like never before.  Highly modern graphic art mixed with brand logos make for incredibly eye catching stickers and decals.  Highly aesthetic decals are found all over laptops, notebooks, and even street signs these days, so investing in decals is also an investment in brand visibility.


The first interaction many clients will have is with, of course, you!  An easy way for clients to remember you is to see your name.  With high quality Styerene badges you can elevate the traditional name tag by getting your badges cut into specific shapes and an array of colours to match your branding.  Badges don’t have to be limited to just names, if you have an interesting logo or great mascot, include a high quality badge with your other freebies.

Get Social

Every brand is on social media these days hashtagging a hundred things a day, and although this is a good method that sees results, in a trade show setting though being social means being more precise.  Tell your followers where your event is taking place and what you’re doing around town to increase local interest, make friends with other brands at the event for cross-promoting opportunities, and posting pics pics from the event and shouting out the event itself always looks professional.

Fun Interaction

Talking up a storm is a natural skill for lots of people who are either working at or attending trade shows, however sometimes it can be hard to pin down a conversation or keep someone’s attention.  Pull focus by including some kind of interactive feature at your booth.  It can be as simple as an iPad game or bean bag toss with a prize of a freebie, discount, or promo.  This increases the time you spend with a potential client and the time a potential client spends with your brand, making for a memorable part of their day.

Elevate Your Freebies

Cool stickers are great and effective, but to really make an impression and stand out above the rest “more is more” should be your motto.  However, think beyond the pen or candy wrapper and go for some unconventional swag.  Temporary tattoos are making a huge comeback in popularity, and can even be made with metallic or glow-in-the-dark inks to really bling out your brand.  With iron-on transfers you can even elevate the incredibly important tote bag your giving away your swag in too.  To stand out amongst the sea of boring totes try customizing iron-on transfers online, or commission a few different artists to have your tote bags all be slightly different while still incorporating and adorning your logo.