Small Businesses to Grow Tremendously under Supervision

August 16th, 2013 | by Rekha
Small Businesses to Grow Tremendously under Supervision

Labelled as the voice for all kinds of small businesses across the entire nation, Ruby Receptionist has been labelled as the top small company to work in such a big nation, namely the United States of America. The organisation as well as the staff members as a whole celebrated the successful ten years that have been enjoyed by the organization in terms of providing virtual reception services as well as personalized live. To top it all, the major portion of victory can be seen as the thriving and striving of the company during some of the harshest economic times and this is what lets it stand apart from the crowd. Each year in business, since its start, the Ruby receptionist has seen a growth of double digits, thus taking the company to a whole new level.

Small BusinessesHelping Businesses Gain the Required Edge

The company is serving over 2600 companies across the nation and is on route to acquire a gross of around eleven million dollars by the end of this fiscal year. Ruby receptionist has played a major role over the past years in helping businesses gain the advantage they require for being established successfully and continuing uphill from there on. A variety of small businesses ranging from creative firms to law firms, financial advisors and more have grown and along with them have increased in growth, their companies that are now delivering exceptional and spectacular services; thus serving the community as well as reaching new heights.

Focussing on the key Aspects

Among the main perspectives that are kept in focus while targeting small businesses, technologies as well as modernization are focussed on strictly and this ensures the growing up of these businesses. Starting with three employees, ruby has grown to house around one hundred and fifty employees that are articulate as well as charming and their main focus is the latest techniques, trends and technologies that can be implemented to help the targeted businesses grow. The founder credits rapid growth as its focus on creating real as well as meaningful connections each and every day. The factors that Ruby drives on are innovation, employee empowerment so that they can reach above as well as beyond and even rewards the community for fostering connections of personal nature.

Principles Leading to Success

Among the main principles that drive the guidance of the company, exceptional services that feature at least six levels ensure that the end goal is to make meaningful and professional connections. To top it all, unique training as well is imparted to each and every staff member that ultimately leads to exceptional services for all kinds of small businesses thus ensuring that their growth is a part of the Ruby culture. The technology that has been adopted by the Ruby receptionist goes a long way in ensuring that personalized services are provided to each and every small business with the least amount of average call time. To main principles that have driven the organization to a success in helping variety of businesses around is the key values it is based upon.