Solar Power For Non-Profits

May 25th, 2016 | by Ryan
Solar Power For Non-Profits

As the amount of greenhouse gas emissions increase by the day and climate change grows as a topical issue, the discussion for renewable energy is one of the most important things in today’s society. If we are to slow down the rate of climate change, the human race can potentially live for a lot longer.

One renewable energy source is solar power. You may have seen photovoltaic power stations before, however these are not quite as commonly seen as photovoltaic roofs. People are becoming more aware of the issue of climate change and are working to mitigate. This is very important and everyone should be trying to change to the usage of solar power, including non-profit organizations and schools.

Solar Power For Non-Profits

Photovoltaic Rooftops: People often see solar power as being very expensive, but this is not so. After installing your photovoltaic rooftop (or solar panels), your electricity bill will be reduced. The systems can be purchased by a financer or by the building owner. Usually in a non-profit situation, the organization will pay for the panels.

If your photovoltaic rooftop is producing more electricity than you require, then you can sell the extra electricity back to the grid. This money that is made could go towards funding the non-profit organization or could go towards useful things in schools, such as books or tables. Sunbug Solar is a company that installs rooftop systems of all shapes and sizes.

Contrary to popular belief, these rooftops actually produce electricity even when it’s a cloudy day. They do not need direct sunlight, so you don’t need to worry about the lights turning off just because the sun’s gone in.

Monitoring: Many methods of producing solar power come with monitoring strategies which give you exact information about what is going on. It tracks how much electricity is being produced or used and can even alert you if there is something wrong.

There are many different monitoring strategies you can choose from, but many of them include the option to see how much money you are making from your power on a daily, weekly or even annual basis. That means you can track how much money you are making for your school or organization.

Maintenance: Along with your photovoltaic rooftops, a lot of places will provide you with a warranty and maintenance (Sunbug Solar’s maintenance provides you service coverage for the entire lifespan of your solar power). This means that you won’t have to worry about any problems and you won’t have to worry about fixing anything yourself – there are solar power professionals that will be able to help you out no matter what your concern is.

Climate change is a pressing issue and needs to be addressed right now. If you’re representing a school or a non-profit organization you should consider the fact that showing you use renewable energy will give you a positive eco-friendly reputation and will draw people to you – that means more students, more customers, more supporters. As if that wasn’t enough – you’ll also be helping to save the world.