Some common features of a green TV

October 1st, 2013 | by Idania.Silvia
Some common features of a green TV

Today the television market is flooded with a variety of stunning TVs. Each company tries to outdo the other in terms of innovation, features, look etc. But then there comes certain products which not only meet all the present standards of the market but rather sets standards for others to follow. The eco-friendly televisions like those of the Viera series are one of such products available in the market today.

LED televisions are known to be more energy conserving than the LCD ones. The latter ones are composed of fluorescent bulbs which are known to be power guzzlers. They also contain mercury which is environmentally hazardous. On the other hand LED TV sets eliminate the use of bulbs and accommodate light emitting diodes which are comparatively great power savers. Also the lack of mercury makes it more eco-friendly.

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But being an LED TV is not what sets it apart, as there are tons of such products available today, and each can give the other a run for its money. So what other features of this the Viera makes it a sought after choice in today’s market?

  • Longevity – Most of the threats to our environment stems from e-waste, e-scrap, or waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) these include wastage in the form of out of order TVs, computers, printers etc. These products release harmful components onto nature upon dumping which spoils our lands, groundwater etc. The problem is compounded when such electronic goods become defunct only after a couple of years of service;, this results in an ever increasing pile of e-waste which increase at a greater rate than they can be sorted and recycled. But the Viera TV gives almost 30 yrs of service; so even if you want to upgrade to a different version you won’t need to throw it away, someone else can get further use out of it. Further, the thick glass panel shielding the screen protects it from any kind of sudden external damage thereby adding to its life span.
  • Adjustability through Eco mode- The set makes saving power increasingly easy as all you need to do is press one single button, this triggers the eco mode function which allows the television itself to measure the light conditions and picture display need of the room through the photo sensors present within the set. This way the TV is able to adjust its picture quality, contrast and brightness just to the optimum level for a particular room according to its ambient light quality, and thereby save power.
  • Certifiably green – Electronic goods each get a rating from A+ to G on the basis of how power efficient they are, A+ being the highest or best while G the lowest grade. The Viera TV equipped with its LED features, Eco- mode and NeoPDP panel has secured a very high A grade, thus you are guaranteed a power saving set.

Thus, sets like these while offering the best picture quality with all the ultra HD features are great power savers too. Another added plus of such products is that the sophisticated technology involved, packs in a lot of stuff within very less space, therefore offering you a sleek and smart looking product for your homes.

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