Stay Classy At Work – How To Increase Your Personal Professionalism

November 11th, 2015 | by Lizzie W
Stay Classy At Work – How To Increase Your Personal Professionalism

Professionalism at work is key to your success on the job. It seems these days that everyone defines professionalism differently, making it hard for anyone to know what is acceptable and what is not. By staying classy at work, you can increase your personal professionalism. Understanding what that means is the first step in the process.

Professional Dress

Dress codes vary by industry, region and job title. While a three piece suit and tie may be appropriate for a Wall Street firm, it would be completely out of place for a job at a tattoo shop or at a young tech firm. There are, however, some guidelines that are universal. Do not wear clothes that would be considered offensive at work. This includes clothes that contain profanity (unless you work in a bar or similar establishment), reveals private parts of your body or would be offensive to your clientele. Some people shop online specifically for work-appropriate clothing and use sites like discountrue to get professional clothes coupons and discounts. Make sure that you are clean and that your hair and nails are neatly trimmed. Unless you are working as a lifeguard, avoid wearing swimwear or beach wear to work.

Professional Conduct

Conducting yourself in a professional manner will help you to stand out in a good way at work. Avoid the office water cooler gossip, and do not do things to sabotage other members of your team. Even if this backbiting helps you in the short term, it can come back to hurt your professional reputation eventually. Avoid sharing personal details about your life with co-workers and don’t share personal details about their lives with others. Avoid using profane language or engaging in physical altercations at work.

Ethical Conduct

As a professional, you have a duty to conduct yourself in an ethical manner. This means adhering to company policies, not using company resources for your own personal gain and not divulging company secrets to others. Your company will often spell out policies that each employee is expected to adhere to. Be sure that you abide by these policies to avoid appearing unprofessional while in your duties.

When it comes to increasing your personal professionalism while at work, there are easy guidelines to follow that will help you appear at your best at all times. Dress in a manner that is appropriate for your company, avoid slanderous gossip and backstabbing and follow your company’s rules of ethics. Not only will you be a model employee, you will enjoy a reputation that will follow you long after you have left your place of work.