Steve Jobs’ Visionary Leadership Improve Can Others Leadership Qualities

August 28th, 2013 | by Rekha
Steve Jobs’ Visionary Leadership Improve Can Others Leadership Qualities

According to the reliable source, the movie Jobs tells the story of Steve Jobs lives, who has left the world on October 5, 2011. The movie reveals the up and downs, vision and the challenges faced by the master marketer, inventor, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Apple Computers, one of the most successful and recognized brands and companies. This is certain that the visionary leadership of Jobs encourages and inspires numerous people around the world.

JobsCritics hope that the film perhaps revealed the fairytale version of meteoric rise of Jobs, the reliable brand image with his own Apple brand and the optimistic and encouraging attention of media he received throughout his bright career. However, the prediction proved entirely wrong as the movie portrayed the picture of a terribly flawed personality. This view was in fact appreciated greatly by the critics as they are of the opinion that chasing a goal with blind aspiration at the expense of one’s obligation to friends and family is not a requirement for success.

It is worth to mention over here that among several qualities and works of Jobs, which is disclosed in the film, some qualities and tasks are highly appreciated by the critics while others are not. As informed by the reliable source, two specific positive qualities of Jobs are proved to be effective to make him one of the best visionary leaders of the world that can be imitated of followed by any individuals especially by them who are willing to lead their organizations. Other than this, critics opined that these qualities would enable to raise the kids also.

Steve Jobs vision was the origin of everything while in most of the businesses lay stress on more statistical and scientific aspects of leadership. The success of an organization largely depends on the impact of the leader’s vision. To analyze and understand the condition of the market is really important for a leader.

To illustrate the point, the film revealed Jobs’ vision of computer for everyone that certainly have no impact in today’s world but in 1975 when Jobs visualized the huge probability in the relevant industry, it was really a matter of appreciation that played a vital role in turn Apple as an iconic brand. Jobs was in the opinion that computer would change the world within few decades.

Understanding and timing are the two important qualities of a leader that Jobs possessed in abundance. With the introduction of iPad, iPod and iPhone in market, the dreams of Jobs “computer for all” comes truer than ever before that was even unimaginable to consumers. All these factors had a great impact on the market that enable Apple to be on the top with a market cap of almost $415 billion even after the death of the most encouraging person behind the company.

Other than showing the most suitable roadmap and providing the vision that would enable Apple to find the proper position of it, he made everyone realized the vision. He wanted to let everyone know about his vision as the products they wanted to offer are perfectly aligned to the vision of their company.