Tablet vs Phablet: Know The Difference

August 21st, 2015 | by EditorOne
Tablet vs Phablet: Know The Difference

You are sitting in front of your computer, browsing touchscreen devices to buy one from Amazon, eBay or, but you can’t decide one. The most difficult part is, you even don’t know the difference between a tablet and phablet. Let us enlighten you.

Phablets are relatively new to the market compared to tablets and smartphones, yet in a short time they have managed to eat up the market of other two devices. While cell phones have reliably survived this havoc, tablets on the other hand are beginning to flatten under the mass proliferation of tab+phone hybrids. So what’s so special about phablets? More precisely, how they are different from tablets?

Screen size – It is the main distinguishing factor between a tab and phab, where former ranges from 7.5 to 10 inches, the later has a smarter screen size between 5 and 7 inches.

Usability features – A phablet is an amalgam of all the features contained by a smartphone and a tablet. It forces you to think why buy two different devices when you can get the whole range of functions in one?

Battery Back-up : A phablet can drag the battery longer and still work on limited power supply. For example, if a tab runs 10-12 hours on a specific battery, the phablet would run 14-16 hours on the same amount of amperes. In other words, larger screen size of the tablet consumes more battery.

Performance : Phablets introduce the next generation processors with higher performance, coupled with bigger RAM as compared to tablets.

Camera quality : On average, most tablets have cameras ranging from 5-8 megapixels while phablets come with an exclusive range of 8-13 megapixel cameras. When they first came to the market, they were primarily used to take exceptional pictures.

Thickness : A tablet is considerably thicker than a phablet, thus making it heavier than the later. A phablet can be as thin as a mobile phone and much lighter, on the average it weighs around 200 grams compared to tab’s 300 grams.

Resolution : Apart from the screen size, a phablet also offers a great picture and video quality thanks to 720p-1080p resolution range, while tablets lose the ground here as well.

Usability : According to a survey, phablet owners use their devices for a wide variety of functions, especially work related, while tablets are mostly used for entertainment.

In culmination, it is clear that tablets and phablets are in fact very different. Phablets are winning the battle, as more and more users are joining the phab-fan club. We have done our job, now it’s up to you whether you buy an iPad, Samsung tab, Teclast phab or more phablet tablet pcs here.