The Benefits Of A North London Office

December 19th, 2013 | by RS
The Benefits Of A North London Office

London is a vast and varied city, and is full of all sorts of offices and businesses to keep the ball rolling. The north of London in particular is a popular area, and is known for its charm and forward thinking. Business is always in plentiful amounts and the people who live there tend to know exactly what they want, which can make it a very ideal spot for a new business. Here we take a look at some of the benefits to having your own North London space and ideas you might like to implement…

The Placement

North London refers to many well know towns such as Camden, Hackney, Westminster and Islington, amongst others. These areas are not only highly populated with both residents and visitors but there are many areas where a business would work rather well. Chelsea also falls into this category and is one of the most high end spots in the whole of London. There are many office buildings on New King’s Road and Parson’s Green that can give you what you need to get going.

The Benefits Of A North London Office

The Culture

There are plenty of interesting landmarks and attractions in this area alone that attract a lot of tourists including many theatres such as the Hackney Empire and the Hammersmith Apollo. It is also the home of Buckingham Palace, which has made Westminster the most desirable spot for most businesses as exposure is almost guaranteed. There are also many good cafés and restaurants that would be perfect for client and staff meetings, including Jamie Oliver’s well known restaurant Fifteen and famed gastropub The Bull & Last.

The Market

Admittedly London offices aren’t known for being particularly cheap, especially in such a great location, but there are plenty of places that give you the best for the money you pay out for it. Most buildings have top notch security systems in place, as well as suitable parking and ideal local amenities for both staff and clients. You might have to look around for a small while, perhaps a few months, but it shouldn’t take forever for a good deal to come your way. There are many online directories that can tell you what’s currently available.

North London is a wonderful place to be, and if you’re a business it’s even better. Be sure to do some research in terms of your target audience and your budget to make sure you do what’s right for the company. For more articles, hints, tips and guidance on running a London based business, and to see current listings for readily available spaces then why not see what you can find online.