The Benefits Of Sharing The Economy!

September 18th, 2016 | by Mack A
The Benefits Of Sharing The Economy!

Sharing the economy is a positive and encouraging economic model where consumers may borrow or rent high priced assets that are owned by someone else. Thanks to the advancement of technology, this economic model has become more profitable and practical.

A professional that has over 15 years of valuable experience in advanced trading and other business technologies is Brian Ferdinand. He and his team of talented business experts have been developing the short-term vacation industry in the USA. He has a strategic mind and his industry know-how makes him to be an invaluable asset to his clients today. This is not all, prior to his stint with the vacation rental industry, Mr Ferdinand also co-founded the Liquid Holdings Group. This is a cloud based asset management platform exclusively directed towards traders. He was also the former Managing Director of ECHOtrade LLC and he created a number of business models that generated over $100 million in trade profits. He effectively has led ECHO’s direct market access at the Stock Exchange in New York being the first client of Merill Lynch to do so and become successful in the endeavor.

Short –Term Vacation Rentals

Currently, Brian Ferdinand is the COO of Vacation Rentals LLC and he uses his invaluable experience to contribute positively to the short-term vacation rental sector in the USA. He and his team of business professionals are experts when it comes to the strategic planning and management of large proprietary trading desks. The Brian Ferdinand liquid experts are skilled in the above field and they help clients get a lucrative trading platform. They are supporters of innovation and are solution providers when it comes to trading and investment. They also manage early funding and look after preliminary ventures as well.

How does Sharing the Economy Work?

You may be wondering how the above sharing of economy works? Here, the owner of the asset is able to generate extra revenue from any asset that has been underutilized. He gives this asset as a shared service to the consumer. Like for example, Airbnb- this allows the owners of property to rent out their homes or apartments as vacation residences for people looking for affordable accommodation during travel. This helps them to avoid expensive hotel stay.

Many consumers are preferring to engage themselves in shared economy as it increases their options and they can look for affordable alternatives. Another thing that they enjoy with shared economy is the convenience factor. Here the booking is done via technology and with the press of just a fingertip!

The Brian Ferdinand business experts and company have taken advantage of this shift and this is why they are able to develop edge cutting websites that have precise accuracy and security.  The professionals here believe in quality of service as well as optimal customer satisfaction. This is the reason why they are widely sought after in the vacation rental market. They listen to the unique needs of their clients and ensure they provide customized solutions to them without hassles at all.