The Best e-Commerce Storefront Sites

November 12th, 2013 | by Jon H
The Best e-Commerce Storefront Sites

There are many advantages to setting up storefront websites. They can help businesses with retail locations expand their client base, and they offer new business owners low startup costs. The potential success of storefront-only businesses has made it possible for many new business owners to eliminate the need for physical retail locations altogether. If you are considering opening an e-commerce storefront there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind.

The Best e-Commerce Storefront Sites

What Are Storefront Websites?

Storefront websites are sales websites that business owners can use to create a store to sell their products online. Storefront websites will already have a well-established reputation and a steady stream of traffic. This can give you access to a much larger customer base, national exposure, and in many cases worldwide exposure. Storefront websites are easy to promote on business cards and in online advertising. Even if there are many businesses selling products similar to yours, you can have excellent success on storefront websites.

How Do You Set One Up?

Every storefront website is different, but there are a couple things they have in common. Most require users to set up secure payment options, and you must verify your banking information and mailing address. Many storefront websites give businesses the ability to set up an online profile and customize their storefronts with creative homepages, product pictures, well-written product descriptions, and a unique URL.

How Do They Help You Grow Your Business?

When buyers go to sales websites they can search for products by name, or by category. Once a buyer enters what they are looking for in the search box they will be given a list of products similar to what they are looking for. This could include the specific product they want, available from multiple sellers in different sizes and colors, or products that are closely matched to what they are searching for. Once a buyer clicks on a product they can see the name of the business selling the product and go directly to that storefront.

How Much Do Storefront Websites Cost?

When determining your pricing for your online products, you must keep your selling costs in mind too. Each storefront website will charge different fees for listing products. Some charge a monthly fee for setting up a storefront, some offer storefronts for free, and all receive a percentage of each of your sales. On top of the fees you must pay for your storefront website, you may also have to pay fees to your payment processor.

What Are the Best Storefront Website

There are a wide variety of storefront websites to choose from, but the most popular are Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Amazon requires customers to sell products with UPC codes, and everything sold on Amazon must be new, other than select collectibles such as rare books. eBay allows products with UPC codes, handmade or homemade arts and crafts, and gently used items such as clothing. Etsy is strictly arts, crafts, vintage items, and antiques.

Storefront websites can be managed from anywhere with an Internet connection, giving business owners great flexibility and freedom. They allow you to reach a much larger stream of potential clients, and they allow your products to be available for sale 24 hours a day.

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