The Most Cost Effective Ways To Improve Your Storage Facilities

September 5th, 2014 | by Lizzie W
The Most Cost Effective Ways To Improve Your Storage Facilities

In many manufacturing and shipping facilities, there is a need to store items before they are used or shipped to another location. In some cases, the storage facilities in a company may have limited space available, and every inch must be used with maximum efficiency. In other cases, there may be ample space, but the need for organization and efficiency remains. Improving your storage facility can help you to make the most of the space, and you can achieve great results by following a few important steps.

Add Storage Racks and Shelves

Commonly, items are stored in boxes or large shipping containers, and you may need to stack these containers on top of each other to maximize efficient use of the space. However, when the boxes are heavy, the risk of damaging the contents is present. You can install storage racks and shelves, from a company like Arpac Storage Systems Corp, in the space to ensure that you can stack your items to the ceiling without damaging them.

Improving Lighting in Your Facility

In a storage facility, there is often a desire to reduce costs by keeping energy bills low. Because these facilities may be expansive in size, keeping the entire area lit on a regular basis may not be cost effective. You can improve lighting by adding motion-activated lights. You no longer have to light the whole facility dimly to save money. Instead, you can have brilliant lights turn on as workers approach the area for maximum energy conservation.

Add Functional Garage Doors at the Bays

The garage doors on your bays may play a role in how convenient it is to load and unload trucks in your storage facility. Consider investing in larger garage doors that provide convenient access to the items if you feel that your garage doors are creating a problem for your workers. In addition, you may install more doors if you regularly have a line of trucks waiting to load and unload items.

Invest in Loading Equipment

Many storage facilities have loading equipment that can be used to lift and transport heavy items with ease. However, the size of the equipment and how it is powered will affect efficiency in the facility. Consider if the equipment you have fully meets your needs, and review the latest models to see if an upgrade would benefit your workers. You may also consider investing in a few more loaders to speed up operations in the facility.

You can save money and improve the function of your storage facility significantly when you follow these important tips. Consider how making a few changes can yield great results in your space.