The Professionals You Need When Building A House

September 12th, 2013 | by KateSimmons
The Professionals You Need When Building A House

The decision to construct your own home can be a very rewarding experience. Building your own residence means that you can develop a personalized habitat that meets the needs of yourself and your family. It also means that you have the opportunity to be creative and really personalize your abode with the features and attributes that you desire. When most people think about building a house, they know that they will need framers, masons, foundation specialists, and others; however, there are some professionals that are overlooked when the idea is considered. These lesser known individuals can help you avoid future issues with your dream home.

You need them Both

There is often confusion between engineers and architects for those considering new home construction. Some people think that they are one and the same for the purposes of construction, or that you need one or the other. In all honesty you will require both an engineer and an architect. The reason for this is that they serve different purposes in the home building equation. An architect will often be the first person you meet with in order to develop the plans for your new home. The architect is responsible for gathering your needs, wants, and ideas for the home, and then to take these ideas to an engineer where they will work together to design the home you dream of. The architect will be very knowledgeable about legal requirements and guidelines, and will be able to guide you accordingly. The engineer on the other hand will work closely with the site supervisor at your build to make sure that things are constructed as they should be. When it comes to construction, architects and engineers are complimentary professions and you will need to have both in your corner.

Would you like to take a Survey?

The next profession that is incredibly important, but often overlooked is the construction surveyor. The surveyor will often be the first person on site, and are responsible for marking out existing structures, where new structures will be located and where there is existing infrastructure like gas lines and sewers. The site surveyor plans things out so that, hopefully, any costly damage can be avoided, as well as any encroachments.


Avoid Surprises

The final person you should be sure to hire is an environmental consultant. Service professionals in this area can be found at commonground. An environmental consultant can help you to discover whether there is any ground contamination issues, which is particularly useful if your homes water will come from a well. Most also offer geotechnical engineering services that can evaluate the foundation and design and how prone to flooding the land may be. This can help you to tweak your plans in such a way that you can avoid costly future surprises. There are many other services that can be obtained from an environmental consultant that you may find quite useful when beginning construction on your new home.

Along with all the trades people and professionals that you normally identify in association with a new home project. It is these people that you overlook that serve some of the most important functions. It is for this reason that you need to fully consider your plan, site, and hopes for the home, in order to be sure that you have the most comprehensive people in your crew. A home is a big financial investment by itself, there is nno reason why you should add costly surprises into the mix.